Marjorie Taylor Greene Blasts NBC 'Name Calling' After Nazi Comparison Criticism

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has accused NBC News of "horrific name calling" aimed at former President Donald Trump after it published an op-ed questioning her Nazi comparisons linked to actions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Greene caused controversy, and later apologized, after comparing mask mandates to the treatment of Holocaust victims.

Following this, she likened people being sent door-to-door to encourage vaccinations to "brown shirts," a paramilitary group which played a role in facilitating Adolf Hitler's rise to power.

She faced staunch criticism from prominent Jewish groups over those remarks.

An NBC News Think opinion piece was published on Thursday highlighting these points, entitled "Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene can't stop making Covid-Nazi comparisons."

The piece, authored by Noah Berlatsky, branded the comparisons offensive.

"Greene's comments are disrespectful and outrageous," it said. "But, they're not just disrespectful and outrageous: They're part of a history of far-right disavowal, projection and escalation intended to provide a rationale for extremes of retaliation against perceived enemies—including, most directly in this case, Democrats."

Greene responded to this article, retweeting a tweet from NBC News Think's account sharing the piece. She shared a supercut of Trump or his actions being described as fascist or using language likened to fascism in news broadcasts.

Alongside this, she wrote: "@NBCNews it appears you need a reminder for ALL the horrific name calling you lied about Trump supporters & President Trump and never apologized. Let me be clear, the nation has not forgotten."

She then added: "And we aren't the National Socialists Party with the media doing our dirty work."

The Nazi Party was short for the National Socialist German Workers' Party. She has previously said the Democratic Party is a "national socialist party," in her criticisms of it.

In June, Greene apologized for her Holocaust comments, though has since continued to make Nazi references.

At the time she said: "The Holocaust is, there's nothing comparable to it. It happened and over 6 million Jewish people were murdered. More than that there were not just Jewish people, Black people, Christians, all kinds of people, children, people that the Nazis didn't believe were good enough, or perfect enough.

"And the horrors of the Holocaust are something that some people don't even believe happened. Some people deny, but there is no comparison to the Holocaust. And there are words that I have said remarks that I've made, that I know are offensive. And for that I want to apologize."

Other notable conservatives have also made Nazi comparisons amid the pandemic.

Newsweek has contacted NBC News and Greene's office for comment.

marjorie taylor greene at news conference
Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) speaks at a news conference after visiting the Holocaust Museum, outside the U.S. Capitol on June 14, 2021. Drew Angerer/Getty Images