Marjorie Taylor Greene Called Putin's Useful Idiot Over Ukraine Remarks

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has said that Ukraine would not receive another penny "under Republicans" in a video that has gone viral.

While speaking at a rally in Sioux City, Iowa, on Thursday, Greene spoke about the possibility of Republicans taking back the House and Senate after the midterm elections.

Greene has since faced criticism for her comments and the clip has already been viewed more than 650,000 times on Twitter since being posted on Thursday.

"The only border that [the Democrats] care about is Ukraine, not America's southern border," Greene said during her speech.

"Under Republicans not another penny will go to Ukraine, our country comes first. They [Democrats] don't care about our border or our people."

Many of Greene's critics suggested that by failing to support Ukraine, the U.S. would be giving Russian President Vladimir Putin exactly what he wants.

Commentator Piers Morgan referred to Greene as one of "Putin's useful idiots" as he shared the clip to his Twitter page.

Former Virginia Representative Barbara Comstock, a Republican, also commented: "With brain dead Marjorie Greene, it's always Russia first. She and Rep. Jayapal should form the appeasement caucus."

In October, Democratic Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal, the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus faced a backlash after releasing a letter, initially signed in June by 30 members, calling for diplomacy with Russia. She withdrew the letter.

"The Republican Party is the party of Putin. Just listen, they are telling you," former director for European Affairs for the United States National Security Council, Alexander Vindman tweeted.

Republican Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney also commented on the viral video which resulted in Greene hitting back at her.

"This is exactly what Putin wants. If we'd had Republicans like this in the 1980s, we would have lost the Cold War," Cheney tweeted.

Greene responded by tweeting: "There are two things that are in the past.

"1) You and your Daddy's Republican Party that sent our military to fight foreign wars on the backs of American tax dollars and didn't win a damn thing. 2) You."

Greene also responded to author and foreign-policy analyst Max Boot who said her clip was a great argument to vote for Democrats.

"You have a Ukraine flag before your American flag and claim people should vote Democrat so American tax dollars can keep defending a foreign country's border while our border is completely under invasion," Greene responded.

"Ok, Mr. Former national security 'expert' you go to the [Ukrainian] front lines."

President Joe Biden has repeatedly spoken about the importance of supporting Ukraine. According to the State Department, the U.S. has provided around $17.9 billion in security assistance to Ukraine since Russia launched its invasion in February 2022.

Newsweek has contacted Marjorie Taylor Greene for comment.

Marjorie Taylro Greene
US Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene speaks during a former US President Donald Trump's Save America rally at Macomb County Community College Sports and Expo Center in Warren, Michigan, on October 1, 2022. Greene said Ukraine would not receive a penny "under Republicans." Getty


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