Mark Dombroski: Everything We Know About Missing Philadelphia Student Found Dead In Bermuda

One day after the body of a missing Philadelphia student was found in Bermuda, questions remain about what happened in the moments before his death. Mark Dombroski, a 19-year-old freshman at St. Joseph's University, was in Bermuda with his rugby team for a tournament over the weekend when he vanished.

He was last seen Saturday night, leaving a bar alone. Dombroski's body was found Monday.

Visiting Bermuda

Originally from Media, Pennsylvania, Dombroski traveled to Bermuda with his college rugby teammates to take part in the Ariel Re Bermuda International 7's Tournament. The tournament concluded Saturday, and Dombroski reportedly suffered an arm injury while playing.

Last Seen Saturday

Dombroski was last seen just before midnight Saturday at the Dog House Bar, where he was out with friends. Surveillance video showed him about an hour later, walking alone down the side of a road and using his cell phone.

Frank Arnold, the owner of the bar where Dombroski was last seen, said that while he was "not sober" he did not appear to be heavily intoxicated, according to The Royal Gazette, a Bermuda newspaper.

"He was going in and out of the bar with his friends. Some were inside, some were outside," said Arnold. "He was fine. He was not incoherent in any way."

His mother, Lisa Dombroski, also said she thought her son, who had suffered an injury to his shoulder earlier that day would have wanted to get home to where his team was staying. The surveillance video, she said, showed him favoring his arm.

"He wasn't in a celebratory kind of mood," she said, according to WCAU-TV. "He wanted to get back."

Authorities got word of Dombroski's disappearance early Sunday morning. His team was scheduled to leave Bermuda on a flight that day.

Body Found

After a day-long search, Dombroski's body was found Monday some two miles away from the bar where he was last seen, in a moat at the base of a colonial-era fort. Authorities had not released how they found the body or what condition it was in.

The scene was cordoned off and Dombroski's body was sent to be autopsied, police said.

Cause of Death

As of Tuesday afternoon, an official cause of death had not yet been released. Authorities, however, said they had not ruled out foul play.

"Foul play is not ruled out right now," Bermuda Police Service acting assistant commissioner James Howard told reporters in a press conference Monday. "The forensic officers are there. They're assessing the scene, assessing the body."

Police also said they did not have any evidence intoxication contributed to Dombroski's disappearance or death. An autopsy was still pending Monday.