Mark Hoppus Shares New Surgery Photos After He's Declared Cancer-Free

Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus has shared images of himself getting his chemo port removed, two weeks after revealing he has been declared cancer-free.

The musician, 49, revealed in June that he was undergoing three months of chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer. The following month, he shared that he was battling stage IV diffuse large b-cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

He said on a Twitch stream in July: "I don't know how exactly they determine the four-part of it, but it's entered enough parts of my body that I'm stage IV, which I think is the highest that it goes. So, I'm stage IV-A."

However, things took a hugely positive turn late last month, when Hoppus revealed in a post shared on his Instagram account that he was cancer-free.

"Just saw my oncologist and I'm cancer free!!" Hoppus wrote. "Thank you God and universe and friends and family and everyone who sent support and kindness and love.

"Still have to get scanned every six months and it'll take me until the end of the year to get back to normal but today is an amazing day and I feel so blessed."

On Thursday, he returned to the image-sharing platform to post photos of himself going in for the removal of his chemo port.

The H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center & Research Institute in Tampa, Florida, describes a chemo port as "a small, implantable reservoir with a thin silicone tube that attaches to a vein.

"The main advantage of this vein-access device is that chemotherapy medications can be delivered directly into the port rather than a vein, eliminating the need for needle sticks."

After posting a picture of himself sporting a mask as he awaited the procedure, Hoppus showed before, during and after images of the device being removed from his arm.

Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus
Blink-182 star Mark Hoppus has shared photos of himself undergoing minor surgery, two weeks after publicly revealing that he's now cancer-free. Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartMedia

The removal process marks a positive turnaround for Hoppus, who admitted in a June Twitter post that he was "scared" as he publicly announced his diagnosis.

He wrote: "For the past three months I've been undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. I have cancer. It sucks and I'm scared, and at the same time I'm blessed with incredible doctors and family and friends to get me through this.

"I still have months of treatment ahead of me but I'm trying to remain hopeful and positive. Can't wait to be cancer free and see you all at a concert in the near future. Love to you all."

Soon after Hoppus' announcement, his Blink-182 bandmate Travis Barker told E! News: "Mark is my brother and I love and support him. I will be with him every step of the way on stage and off and can't wait for us to play together again soon."

Mark Hoppus Shares Surgery Photos
Musician Mark Hoppus shared pictures of his chemo port being removed on Thursday. Mark Hoppus/Instagram