Read Mark Zuckerberg's Remarks to Staff About Breonna Taylor

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg spoke to the company's staff about the recent ruling to not charge the officers in the killing of Breonna Taylor on Thursday.

In an all-hands meeting on Thursday reported by Buzzfeed's Ryan Mac on Twitter, Zuckerberg spoke about reaffirming the company's belief in racial justice even in trying times. "I know that this is a really hard time for a lot of people in our community here," he said. "[T]he idea that someone can be killed, murdered and no one in the system is held accountable for it. I think just really goes to show why it's so important to fight to make sure that Black Lives Matter."

This is what Mark Zuckerberg told employees about Breonna Taylor: "It just needs to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to pushing for racial justice in everything that we do."

— Ryan Mac 🙃 (@RMac18) September 25, 2020

Zuckerberg continued by asking employees to take advantages of resources that the company offers including those for mental health, before pivoting to speak about committing to racial justice again. "I think it just needs to reaffirm and strengthen our commitment to pushing for racial justice in everything that we do," he told staff. "This shows that it's not just policing, it's also the criminal justice system and other systems across society where there is imbedded systemic racism that needs to be changed."

Later in the thread Mac shared further comments from the CEO including statements about the company "serving everyone around the world" and spoke about criticisms levied against the social networking giant, comparing it to that of a government or, ironically, a police department.

Zuckerberg addresses the stream of critical news stories and compares Facebook to the police or government. Police and governments can't reduce all crime, he says.

Police and governments are accountable to votes and the people. Facebook is not, and is controlled by one man.

— Ryan Mac 🙃 (@RMac18) September 25, 2020

Zuckerberg continued, "[T]he job of a police department, or a government is not necessarily to eliminate all crime, I think people generally believe that would be impossible to do. But it's to build systems to be responsible about how you manage it, and to be pushing the problem in the right direction and constantly gaining and kind of decreasing the amount of issues and trying to look ahead and see new issues, and you're not going to find them all."

Mac also reported that during the meeting executives also told employees that they could not use an avatar for internal employees that was used to show support for Black Lives Matter.

A press contact for Facebook did not respond to Newsweek's emailed request for comment in time for publication.

Zuckerberg has spoken about the company's support for racial justice a number of times in recent months. Following the shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Zuckerberg spoke about the company's investigation into posts related to the protests and shootings that followed it. Early in the video he spoke about issues of racial justice. "The most pressing thing that I want to make sure that I can address up front is what's going on in Kenosha, which I think is just really, deeply troubling. The recent shootings, the shooting of Jacob Blake, which just continues this string of violence and pain, especially for members of our Black community and the Black community across the country," he said in the August 28 video.

I spoke to Facebook employees at our weekly company Q&A about what’s happening in Kenosha and wanted to share.

Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Friday, August 28, 2020
Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies via video conference during an Antitrust, Commercial and Administrative Law Subcommittee hearing on "Online platforms and market power. Examining the dominance of Amazon, Facebook, Google and Apple" on Capitol Hill on July 29, 2020 in Washington, DC. Zuckerberg spoke to employees on Thursday about the ruling for the Breonna Taylor case. Getty/Graeme Jennings - Pool