Market Watch

If you're planning to shop in Europe this summer, there are bargains to be had. Be sure to browse through these famous markets:

Warsaw Stadium. Warsaw. If you're looking for smuggled vodka, kittens or even hand grenades, this is your place. But you'd better hurry--EU border controls may soon force it out of business.

Borough Market. London. The place to try all things gourmet. Feast on juicy ostrich burgers, chorizo-and-rocket rolls--and to-die-for desserts.

Marche aux Puces. Paris. Keep away from overpriced Levis and head for the antiques at this 75-acre "attic of the world." Just make sure to ask your dealer for a guarantee of authenticity.

Arbat. Moscow. Stroll along this famous street to stock up on Soviet military paraphernalia, fur hats and hand-crocheted scarves. Steer clear of the "amber" jewelry, though.

Porta Portese. Rome. Featured in "The Bicycle Thief," this market sells everything from Gucci watch parts to the odd Mussolini bust. One art critic stumbled upon a trove of original Raphael drawings.