Spoilers: 'Married at First Sight' Star Kate Was 'Maybe Ashamed' Luke Wasn't Attracted To Her

In arguably one of the most controversial scenes in Season 8 of Married at First Sight, Luke Cuccurullo admitted he was not attracted to his new wife, Kate Sisk. The bombshell was revealed while they were on their honeymoon and then Luke cried about his revelation. Kate was conflicted about her feelings, saying that she "maybe" felt ashamed. After they kissed, Luke claimed he was "repulse" and felt "dead inside."

"I guess I kind of felt, like, I don't know, not ashamed, but maybe in a way," she said on Tuesday's Unfiltered afters how with host Jamie Otis and marriage expert Paster Cal.

"It just sucks that, you know, I'm the unattractive one in the relationship," she continued. "Well, that he's not attracted to me in the relationship."

When Jamie asked if she wished things were switched, that Kat were the one who was not attracted to Luke, she said she would want it to be like that. "I know it sounds weird, but yes, I would prefer if I wasn't attracted to him because I feel like I have a lot of confidence that if I wasn't attracted to him, I could grow to be attracted to him," Kate said. "I know I can do that, so I would have preferred if, at first, it was the other way around."

Pastor Cal wondered if Luke was trying to be manipulative when he cried after saying Kate disgusted him. "What irks me is that [Luke] told you that and then because he was emotional about it, you didn't have time to process and absorb how that affected you because you were concerned about him crying," Pastor Cal said.

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Despite Luke not being attracted to Kate, she didn't think the experts made a mistake by matching them. "I can see why they picked him for me," Kate told Newsweek. "I don't like to think I stick to a type, but I've been told dark hair and a beard is it. The fear of not being attracted to my stranger husband has been squashed."

She hinted Luke, who has his own dating company, might not have gone on the show for the right reasons when she was asked about the worst-case scenario about getting Married at First Sight. "The reality is there can be alternative reasons for someone deciding to get Married at First Sight, such as fame. The worst case scenario is my match's reasons for getting married were not for finding love," she said.

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