'Married at First Sight' Star Matt Finally Reveals What He Really Thinks About Amber: 'It's Annoying'

Married at First Sight star Matt Gwynne got real when talking to his friend about wife Amber Bowles. For most of the season, Matt's actions made him seem like he was disinterested in Amber. Whenever given the opportunity to talk about their relationship, Matt always praised her. To some fans, it came across as disingenuous—even to Amber, who was desperate for his approval for most of the experiment. For the first time, Matt confesses some of the things he doesn't like about Amber on Wednesday night's episode.

"Amber can be a little bit clingy," he told Lifetime cameras in a confessional. "As much as we get along and as much fun as we have when we're together, I just don't want to be with her all the time. I don't have those urges. So some of the cons I'm weighing out right now is trying to decide whether or not Amber is that person who I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Matt and Amber haven't had an easy time on Married at First Sight. Amber was instantly smitten with Matt, while he was more reserved. It didn't take long for their honeymoon phase to sour, with Matt leaving Amber alone on several occasions and not answering her phone calls.

Up until Wednesday's episode, Matt has been cavalier about the situation, to the point where Amber was questioning whether he was being authentic.

"I'm very happy and proud about how much we both we put into this in a short amount of time. We got off to a good start because we had chemistry from the beginning," Matt told his friend in a sneak peek clip obtained by Newsweek. "It helped us. We've built a foundation.

In previous episodes, Matt apologized for not communicating with Amber, but he never shared how her reaction made him feel. "There were some issues on her end—dealing with me hanging out with you, hanging out with the boys, kinda doing our thing a couple of nights a week—she was struggling with that," he said.

Matt was frustrated that Amber assumed he was up to no good. "I think what the issue was at first was he had just met and it takes time to build trust. I struggle with communication," he said. "I wasn't really letting her know what I was doing, where I was at, who I was with. That's tough and I kinda left things up to her imagination. She's sitting there like, 'Where's Matt? What's he doing?' So her mind went to worst-case scenario and it's really annoying."

Married at First Sight Matt Reveals What He Thinks About Amber
"Married at First Sight" star Matt Gwynne got real when talking to his friend about wife Amber Bowles. Lifetime/Kinetic Content