Men With Verbal Intelligence More Likely To Marry Over Those Who Are Good With Numbers and Problem Solving

A couple celebrate St. Valentine's day. Research shows certain type of men are more likely to end up married. ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images

Most everyone prefer intelligent men, but as shown in a new study, not just any smart man will do. The research found that men who display signs of verbal intelligence, such as being good at conversation and writing, are more likely to get married than men whose intelligence excels in numbers or logic.

The finding is based off a study of 190,000 men in Finland. The data used in this study was previously collected by the Finnish armed forces, the National Population Register Center in Finland, and the Finnish Tax Authority, The Independent reported. Data included not only the men's IQ but also their income and indications of their social status. Both married and unmarried men were included in the study.

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Once overall IQ was determined, the researchers separated the men into three IQ groups. This included men whose IQ was strongest verbally, logically, and numerically. For example, men with verbal intelligence were the best communicators, while those with logical intelligence were best at solving complex problems. Men with strong numerical intelligence were mathematically gifted.

Results revealed that, overall, men with higher intelligence are more likely to get married than those with lower intelligence. This upholds past hypothesis that intelligence is an evolutionary fitness indicator in mating, the study stated. However, among intelligent men, those with verbal intelligence were the most likely to eventually end up wed.

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The research also revealed other aspects of marriage. For example, wealthy men were more likely to get married than intelligent men, but intelligent men were more likely to stay married than wealthy men, The Independent reported.

While the choice might seem like a no-brainer, the scientific reason why intelligent men are preferred as long-term partners has yielded a number of different explanations over the years. For example, it may be that the human brain is a result of thousands of years of sexual selection in which women naturally preferred more intelligent mates as a way to pass down this trait to their children, Psychology Today reported. However, another suggestion is that it's not exactly the intelligence, but rather the access to resources that attract women.