Marry A Farmer

That was legendary investor Jim Rogers' advice to me earlier this week. We were chatting about his continued bullishness on commodities (back in 2005, he wrote "Hot Commodities: How Anyone Can Invest Profitably In the World's Best Market"), despite the recent fall in oil prices. I'm originally from Indiana, and he says I should head back there and find myself a nice looking farm boy, because those are the guys who'll be making money in the next few years, as inflation fears stoke a commodities boom. "There are times when the money changers are in charge," he says, "and times when people who make real goods are in charge. According to Rogers, Wall Street is destined to become a back-water for the next few decades, as investors eschew stocks, bonds, and cash in favor of gold, oil, and pretty much anything else that comes from the ground. "Farmers are the ones who'll be driving Lamborghinis, and traders are going to have to learn to drive tractors." And mom thought I'd do better in Manhattan...

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