Marsha Blackburn Tweet on Border Fentanyl Seizures Sparks Jokes, Confusion

Tennessee Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn commented on a reported increase in fentanyl seizures at the nation's southern border, prompting an array of jokes and confusion on social media.

"From June to July, fentanyl seizures were up 203% at the southern border," Blackburn wrote in a tweet on Tuesday. "Biden's open border is crippling your community."

The tweet from Blackburn came shortly after U.S. Customs and Border Protection issued a July 2022 monthly operational update which showed the increase in drug seizures at the nation's border.

"CBP officers, Border Patrol agents, and Air and Marine Operations agents continue to interdict the flow of illicit narcotics across the border. Nationwide, drug seizures (Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Fentanyl, and Marijuana) by weight were down one percent in July compared to June," the update said. However, it added that "Fentanyl seizures increased 203 percent."

Above, a Drug Enforcement Administration chemist checks confiscated powder containing fentanyl at the DEA Northeast Regional Laboratory on October 8, 2019, in New York. Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn criticized President Joe Biden's border policies by citing the number of fentanyl seizures at the U.S.-Mexico border. DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty

Shortly after Blackburn's tweet, a number of social media users responded with jokes and expressed confusion over her criticism of the seizures.

Twitter user Philly Fan wrote, "'Seizures' are a good thing! To the men and women of @CBP keep up the great job! We appreciate you!"

Twitter user Curt Koble wrote, "Wait, What? We seized the drugs. Great job."

Similarly, Twitter user Scott Brailey wrote, "So you mean it's working if seizures were up."

Twitter user Gail Helt wrote, "Drug seizures at the border seem like a good thing. Seizures keep drugs OUT of TN communities."

Twitter user eaglehound84 shared a gif of popular actor James Franco in response to Blackburn's tweet.

According to data from CBP, in June there were 702 pounds of fentanyl seized at the nation's borders. In comparison, border patrol officials seized over 2,100 pounds in July, reflecting the increase that Blackburn mentioned. CBP data also showed that in July there were 146 fentanyl seizure events, while June had 113.

The Republican Party also faced similar criticism on Twitter last month for a tweet that criticized Biden's border policy following a large seizure of fentanyl. "621 pounds of deadly fentanyl was seized at the southern border in June alone," the GOP Twitter account wrote in a tweet.

The tweet prompted an array of responses, with many users saying that drug seizures are good for the nation.

"Again the key word is seized. Seized is a good thing. What part don't you understand about seized?" Twitter user Gary wrote.

Similarly, former President Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump asked, "Do they not understand how this works?"

Newsweek reached out to Blackburn's office for further comment.