Marshawn Lynch And The Seahawks Could Reunite: Here Are Some Of His Greatest Plays For Seattle

Marshawn Lynch
Marshawn Lynch could return to the Seattle Seahawks, here are some of his best plays as a member of the team Jamie Squire/Getty

Marshawn Lynch could soon return to the Seattle Seahawks.

On Monday, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll confirmed to ESPN that Lynch is flying to Seattle for a conversation with him and to undergo a physical.

The move comes as the Seahawks are struggling at Lynch's position of running back. The team has lost three players, C.J Prosise, Chris Carson and Rashaad Penny, to injuries so Lynch's potential return could help the team as they make a run for the NFL playoffs.

Lynch played for the Seahawks from 2010 to 2015, but announced his retirement on February 7, 2016. Lynch then returned to the league in 2017 to fulfill a childhood dream of playing with his hometown Oakland Raiders. He retired for a second time after playing just two seasons with the Raiders in 2019.

"Beast Quake"

Arguably one of Lynch's most popular moments as a Seahawk occurred in the 2010 NFC Wild Card Playoff game against the New Orleans Saints.

During the fourth quarter of the game, Lynch had a 67-yard touchdown, while breaking numerous tackles and ultimately sealing the victory for his team. At first, the play looked dead, but Lynch barreled through three different defenders and eventually broke loose. Lynch later broke another tackle and stiff-armed the next, throwing the defender to the ground. He then broke a few more tackles and jumped into the end zone for the touchdown.

Fans later christened the play "Beast Quake" because following Lynch's run, Seahawks fans were cheering so loud that it registered on a nearby seismograph, a machine that measures earthquakes.

8 years ago today: Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast Quake,” one of the greatest runs ever

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— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) January 8, 2019

"Beast Quake 2.0"

On December 2014, Lynch had a very similar run which became known as "Beast Quake 2.0," in a game against the Arizona Cardinals.

With a little over 10 minutes left in the game, Lynch had a 79-yard touchdown run, breaking almost more tackles than he did in his run against the Saints. On the first down, Lynch received the ball and broke through one tackle to get away from the line of scrimmage and immediately cut outside. He then fought off two more Cardinal defenders before breaking away as more defenders went for his ankles but missed. Lynch ultimately scored the touchdown with a leap into the end zone.

Marshawn Lynch simply had the best runs in NFL history, his legacy won't be forgotten.

— Dov Kleiman (@NFL_DovKleiman) April 24, 2019

43-yard run, 2013

During the first quarter of a 2013 game between the Seahawks and the Houston Texans, Lynch once again showed off his skills. On the two-yard line, Lynch got the ball and ran for 43 yards through the Texans defense. Lynch ran through the line of scrimmage and avoided defenders with a number of different moves. He was then nearly taken down near the sideline by two different Texans, but broke through and continued his run eventually being tackle at the 45-yard line.

Touchdown run, 2011

A Week 13 game between the Seahawks and the Philadelphia Eagles featured another "beast mode" run by Lynch. Appearing to be bottled up by the Eagles defensive line, Lynch fought through the tackles and is broke away to score the touchdown.

With Marshawn Lynch retiring, here's one of his great runs!

Seahawks-Eagles week 13, 2011: Marshawn Lynch powers through a wall of Eagles defenders on his way to the end-zone!

Wishing you the best @MoneyLynch! #BeastMode

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Four touchdowns, 2014

During a 2014 game between the Seahawks and the New York Giants, Lynch had one of the best games of his career.

Lynch helped lead the Seahawks to a comeback win by rushing for 4 touchdowns and 140 total yards. His touchdowns became a career-high and the second-most in NFL history.

Beast Mode! Marshawn Lynch powers Seahawks to comeback win over Giants, 38-17.
Lynch: 140 Rush yds, 4 TD

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) November 10, 2014

While Lynch has had a number of different dominant runs as a member of the Seahawks, he also is known for many of his comedic moments.

Prior to Super Bowl XLIX in 2014, Lynch denied speaking to reporters and instead answered every question by saying "I'm just here so I won't get fined."

"I'm just here so I won't get fined."

Four years ago, Marshawn Lynch stole the show at Super Bowl Media Day without saying much of anything. @MoneyLynch

— NFL Throwback (@nflthrowback) January 28, 2019

PHOTO: Marshawn Lynch wearing the Skittles cleats that cost him $10,000 against the San Francisco 49ers #sportsbiz

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) December 30, 2011

Lynch is also known for his love for Skittles and has been seen wearing cleats mimicking the candy and eating the snack on the sidelines.

Should a deal be made between the Seahawks and Lynch, the running back can help improve the team's record of 11-3 and help to win the NFC West division in their upcoming Week 17 game against the division-leading San Francisco 49ers.