Marvel Hires Two Promising Writers for 'Eternals' Movie

Beyond The Avengers, Marvel is looking to Eternals to expand its cinematic universe. The film does not have a script, but the studio has taken the first steps to bring some of Jack Kirby's vision to life. The Hollywood Reporter has learned cousins Matthew and Ryan Firpo will pen the film. Their script for Ruin sits at the top of the 2017 Black List of the best screenplays yet to be produced.

Jack Kirby debuted The Eternals in their own series for Marvel in 1976, shortly after returning from his run with DC Comics and The New Gods in the early 70s. The origins of The Eternals date back millions of years. Celestials visited Earth and performed genetic experiments, creating two races: Eternals and Deviants, with humanity existing at the center of their morality. The Eternals are essentially immortal, angelic beings who have a variety of superhuman skills—teleporting, mind-reading, flight, strength, transmutation and more—that can be developed and channeled to varying degrees.

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The Eternals arrived in 1976. Marvel

Marvel has planted a few noticeable seeds for Eternals already. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 introduced Star Lord's father, Ego, as a Celestial. But more importantly, in Infinity War, Red Skull calls Thanos the Son of A'lars, an Eternals name. In the comic books, Thanos' mother and father are Eternals. Sui-San and Mentor were originally created by Jim Starlin in 1973 and introduced first in Captain Marvel and Iron Man, respectively. After Kirby conceded to folding the Eternals into the larger universe, many teamed up with the Avengers. Needless to say, Thanos having the Deviants gene could explain a lot.

It seems like Marvel and DC will be having a Kirby-off. With Ava DuVernay set to direct a New Gods film, the future of comic book movies exploring the far reaches of the cosmos is shaping up to be fascinating. Considering readers tend to ride behind either the New Gods or Eternals, as they are fairly similiar, the writing teams of both films will have to get creative to make a significant jump from the source material. The Firpos' acclaimed script is a period piece following a former Nazi captain who kills the members of his SS squad. Let's hope they really like superheroes too.

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