'Spider-Man' PS4 Ending Explained: Miles Morales, Norman Osborn and More

The story of Marvel's Spider-Man is one of its strengths, changing the lore and mythology of the character just enough to feel fresh and more modern.

Many characters, both heroes and villains, appear in Spider-Man PS4 but the ending is where everything comes together. Loose ends are tied, questions answered, and the foundation for possible sequels are laid out.

A lot happened in Marvel's Spider-Man's ending and we break down what it means for each character and how it sets up a sequel.

SPOILER ALERT! The following will spoil the end of the Spider-Man PS4 story and a possible sequel. If you haven't finished the story yet, turn back now.

mary-jane-1124167 peter parker spiderman ps4
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's story evolves throughout the story of 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Sony


One of the last scenes of the Spider-Man PS4 story shows Peter Parker at his favorite diner. Mary Jane arrives and tells him she got promoted to Associate Editor at the Daily Bugle. She notices Peter has a large backpack with him and asks what he's doing with it.

He explains that his new apartment won't be ready for a while so he's going to stay with Miles. Mary Jane says he can stay at her place "if he wants," leading to the two kissing and making up.


The final boss of the game, Otto Octavius a.k.a. Doctor Octopus holds New York City hostage after spreading the "Devil's Breath" virus in an attempt to get revenge on his former business partner Norman Osborn.

During the final battle, it's discovered that Doctor Octopus knew Peter was Spider-Man all along and he continued to go through with his plan despite knowing that Aunt May was sick. This enrages Peter and helps him overcome the villain.

Defeated, Octavius tries to convince Peter that the procedure altered his mind and that it's not his fault. But he wants Peter to help him fix it without turning him into the police where he will eventually succumb to his degenerative disease in jail. Peter declines and leaves his former mentor to be taken into custody.

Octavius is taken to supermax prison The Raft where he broods in his cell. Fans of the comics know how intertwined Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus are, so it's only a matter of time before Octavius figures a way out of prison to wreak havoc on Peter. And it seems he's keeping Peter's secret … for now.


In the final act of the story, a black spider (specimen number #42) stows away on Mary Jane after she breaks-in to Norman Osborn's lab. Osborn has been experimenting with spiders, giving them the ability to refract light to make them seem invisible.

The spider makes it to F.E.A.S.T with MJ and eventually bites Miles. Nothing happens to the young man until the first "post-credits" scene, when Miles is helping Peter Parker move in to his new apartment. Miles asks Parker for advice about some changes he's experiencing. He jumps and sticks to the ceiling to the surprise of Peter. Miles says that it's weird, but Peter also sticks to the ceiling saying "it's not that weird" and reveals he's Spider-Man.

After the death of Miles' father, Peter has taken the young man under his wing and their bond will only grow stronger as Miles will likely become his protege. The spiders in Osborn's lab have similar powers to Miles Morales in the comics, so fans can expect a new and different Spider-Man in a possible sequel.

Spiderman ps4 norman osborn ending
Norman Osborn's shady ways will likely continue in a Spider-Man sequel Sony


The second post-credits scene shows Norman Osborn returning to his personal lab in his penthouse apartment. He opens up a compartment that MJ didn't see when she snuck in earlier that reveals his son Harry suspended in liquid and hooked up to a life support device.

It was revealed that Harry was suffering from the same genetic disease that killed his mother and that his "trip to Europe" was a front so Norman could find a cure.

There's a green light emanating Harry's machines that may foreshadow Norman's future descent into madness. Fans of the comics know that Norman (and eventually Harry) becomes the villainous Green Goblin, one of Spider-Man's greatest enemies. Other moments in the game, including Mary Jane finding an advanced combat helmet in his lab alongside a collection of antique masks, support this theory. However, the final moments of this scene tease an even bigger threat to New York City.

When Norman touches the glass, a black substance reaches out to him and that looks a lot like the symbiote that would give rise to Venom.

If Insomniac Games releases a Spider-Man sequel, Peter man have his hands full with both the Green Goblin and Venom, or at least the symbiote.

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