'Marvel's Spider-Man' Silver Lining Ending Explained: Silver Sable, Yuri Watanabe's Future, and More

The "Silver Lining" chapter for Marvel's Spider-Man is out now, and completes the three-part story of The City That Never Sleeps storyline.

Starting with a spotlight on Black Cat in "The Heist" in October, continuing with Hammerhead and Yuri Watanabe in "Turf War" and ending with a closer look at Silver Sable in "Silver Lining," The City That Never Sleeps story DLC was jam-packed with characters and content.

Since "Silver Lining" is the final chapter of the Marvel's Spider-Man DLC, it ties up a lot of loose ends, while laying the groundwork for even more stories in the future.

SPOILER ALERT! The following may spoil the events of the three chapters of The City That Never Sleeps DLC. Proceed with caution.

silver sable spiderman ps4 silver lining handshake
Silver Sable respects Spider-Man Insomniac Games


We'll begin with Silver Sable, who received the spotlight in the third DLC chapter. Sable was first introduced during the main story of Marvel's Spider-Man. While she came off as a cold-hearted soldier of war, by the end we learned she had more layers to her than at first glance.

Sable returns to New York City to take out Hammerhead for stealing her tech, but it's not just for revenge. Her home country of Symkaria is in the middle of an uprising to take out the current leadership, and she is helping the rebels. It's is a personal fight, and one that she doesn't plan on losing.

After Spider-Man helps her take down Hammerhead and the Maggi, she retrieves her stolen tech and leaves for Symkaria. However, she won't be going alone.

mary-jane-1124167 peter parker spiderman ps4
Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson's story evolves throughout the story of 'Marvel's Spider-Man' Sony


In the Spider-Man PS4 universe, Mary Jane is a reporter. The civil unrest in Symkaria has grabbed her attention and that of her editor.

In the middle of the "Silver Lining" story, she chats with Peter Parker about what's going on in Symkaria as they piece together Silver Sable's motives. She reveals that the women and children are being the affected most, and that the conflict has gone largely unnoticed by the rest of the world. Mary Jane is set to go to Symkaria and chronicle her time there to show the world.

While Spidey is a bit wary for his girlfriend's well-being, he knows she's doing the heroic thing. The last we hear from MJ is the two saying "I love you" to each other as Spider-Man continues his quest to stop Hammerhead.

If we were to get another story DLC or sequel, expect MJ's time in Symkaria to be a plot point.

peter and black cat spiderman ps4 silver lining
Black Cat truly does have 9 lives Insomniac Games


Felicia Hardy, aka the Black Cat, was the focus of the first chapter of the story. While she seemingly died at the end of "The Heist," she returned to save Spider-Man from Hammerhead toward the middle of "Silver Lining."

Peter is relieved to see her alive, but it seems Hardy was keeping tabs on Spidey during the whole story. She apologizes to him about what happened during "The Heist" and even gives Parker a hard drive with information on Project Olympus, which ultimately helps take down Hammerhead.

She's already said her goodbyes before leaving, but is Hardy out of the "game" for good? Not likely, although she and her father are presumed dead, so they can theoretically retire. But as we've seen in other media, retirement and "going straight" is easier said than done for the Black Cat.

spiderman turf wars yuri
Yuri Watanabe plays a big role in Turf Wars Sony/Insomniac Games


Yuri Watanabe is Peter Parker's sole contact in the NYPD. She was critical in Spider-Man's takedown of The Demons during the main story, but things took a turn for the worse in " Turf Wars."

Although we learned she didn't kill Hammerhead at the end of Chapter 2, she was forced to go on administrative leave for her actions. The story of "Silver Lining" doesn't focus on her at all, but one of the side missions does.

If you start collecting police case files scattered throughout Manhattan, you'll learn more about Watanabe. The loss of her men during "Turf Wars" wasn't the only pain she's suffered. In fact, she was operating an off-the-books undercover sting of the Maggi to try and nab a hitman who was making killings look like suicides and accidents.

Her man undercover was murdered by this Maggi Enforcer and got away. She couldn't go to her authorities, but her actions got him killed. During her leave of absence, we learn Yuri led Spider-Man to find the Maggi Enforcer dead by her hands. Spider-Man pleads for her to turn herself in, but Yuri refuses and tells him that "he should do what he has to do" and she'll do the same.

In the comics, Yuri becomes the vigilante Wraith, who uses tech from Spider-Man's rogues gallery to fight. Her weapon of choice is yellow elastic straps used to wrap up enemies, similar to the clues left around New York during the side mission.

It's very possible that this version of Yuri will go down the same path and become a vigilante herself.

miles and peter spiderman ps4 silver lining
Miles finally gets that Spider training Insomniac Games


During "Silver Lining," Miles calls Peter to ask about training him. While it never actually happens during the story, the post-credits scene does tease this web-slinging training session.

Peter and Miles are standing on the top of a skyscraper, both wearing a version of the Spider-Man costume. Parker explains how Miles will need to trust his instincts before he jumps off the building. Miles looks around New York City before making the jump, thus beginning his training to become his version of Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man "Silver Lining" DLC is available now.

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