'Marvel's Spider-Man' Turf Wars DLC Release Date, New Suits Confirmed

The second part of Marvel's Spider-Man's story DLC, The City That Never Sleeps, is about to release on PlayStation 4. Insomniac Games dropped the first trailer for Turf Wars as well as the first look at the three new suits. As previously hinted by an in-game message, the Turf Wars DLC will release Nov. 20 as a separate story or as part of the bundle.

The Turf Wars trailer puts an emphasis on the classic Spidey villain, Hammerhead, who looks to take over Manhattan (and take out Spider-Man in the process). Yuri Watanabe, Spidey's friend on the force, features heavily in the trailer so it's safe to assume that Peter Parker's friendship with her will be tested as she looks to be in major trouble.

The three new outfits players will get include the MK I suit, the Iron Spider suit and the Spider-Clan suit. The Iron Spider Armor is the same one from the classic Civil War comic book storyline. The MK I armor completes the MK set with this all-black ensemble. Spider-Clan is an animated suit that can be found in the Spider-Man manga series. Take a look at all three new Spider-Man suits below.

spiderman ps4 dlc 2 suits
The three new suits available in Turf Wars Insomniac Games

So what can fans expect from the Turf Wars DLC? Besides the second part of the story that started in The Heist, there will be more bases to take down, more side quests, crimes, challenges and trophies to earn.

The trophy list for Turf Wars was revealed last week, so take a look to help you prepare for Nov. 20.

What do you think of the upcoming DLC? Which of the three suits is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below.