‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ Turf Wars DLC Trophy List Revealed

The second part of the Marvel’s Spider-Man City That Never Sleeps story DLC, titled Turf Wars, is set to release later in November, but the trophies have already been revealed.

The Heist DLC dealt with the return of Black Cat into Peter Parker’s life. Turf Wars will focus on Hammerhead, another Spidey villain who holds power within the Maggi. From the looks of the trophy list, players will be caught up in the Maggi’s plans, continuing the threads left by The Heist.

Here’s the list of new trophies for the Turf Wars DLC, including hidden ones.

spiderman ps4 city that never sleeps dlc release date october 'Spider-Man' will receive its first DLC in October Insomniac Games/PS4

SPOILER ALERT! This list may potentially spoil some story beats of the DLC, so proceed with caution.

  • The City Is My Family (Gold) - 100 percent complete CTNS: Turf Wars

  • Turning the Screw (Silver) - Get Spectacular or better in all Screwball Challenges

  • Pulling the Trigger (Bronze) - Complete the "Blindsided" mission (Hidden)

  • Crossing the Thin Blue Line - Complete the "Lockup" mission (Hidden)

  • Steel Skull, Glass Jaw (Bronze) - Complete the "Bring the Hammer Down" mission (Hidden)

  • Prohibition (Bronze) - Take down each Hammerhead Front (Hidden)

  • The Gang War (Bronze) - Complete all Crimes in a district

The Turf Wars DLC trophy list gives players a bit more insight into what to expect when the add-on eventually drops.

The “Prohibition” hidden trophy says to take down Hammerhead Fronts, which may mean players will get more stealth/battle missions akin to the Demon Warehouses and Fisk Forts. Screwball Missions will return, so expect more quirky fights.

The three missions within The Turf Wars DLC also shed some light on what Spidey will have to deal with, specifically with the “Locked Up” mission. Perhaps Peter will get captured, or will have to break someone out.

An in-game image revealed Turf Wars will release Nov. 20, but there has yet to be an announcement from Insomniac Games or Sony. We’ll update as soon as we learn more.

What do you think of the Turf Wars DLC trophy list? Are you excited to dive into the second part of the story? Let us know in the comments section below.

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