This 'Masked Singer' Clue Reveals The Identity of The Lion

Last night the Masked Singer revealed some bombshell clues that point to the identity of the Lion. Find out what Hailey, Chicago and the Bluegrass state of Kentucky have in common and how they link to the Lion's identity, here.

Last night's episode of the Masked Singer (Episode 7) was one of the craziest yet as actor and comedian JB Smoove joined the panel of judges, inserting his own brand of entertainment throughout the evening. During the show, Alien was unmasked as Latoya Jackson, but that wasn't the biggest revelation of the night. Beneath in the silliness of episode 7 lay a significant clue to the identity of the Lion, which basically confirms her identity. In short, it all comes down to one simple phrase: location, location, location.

Up to this point, the internet has held onto a handful of favorite guesses for the Lion's identity — the most popular being Rumer Willis, Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) and Hailee Steinfeld. While we've been leaning toward one performer in particular, there was just enough reasonable doubt to keep us from jumping fully onboard. A key clue provided during episode 7, however, left us with no more room for doubt. So here it is.

As with every episode, a video clip was shown before the Lion's performance, giving insight to the performer's identity. The clues had some familiar lines like a second reference to being "Hollywood royalty" and a part of a pride with "many women." But at one point, the Lion makes mention of using "true grit" to separate herself from the pack and build her own empire. Something about the phrase got Robin Thicke's wheels turning, and he suddenly remembered an earlier video clue showing a newspaper with a headline reading "Gold Found in Hailey." This put the panel on the fast track to thinking Hailee Steinfeld was the Lion because the young actress and singer landed her first starring role in the 2010 film True Grit.

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Actress Hailee Steinfeld poses with 'Year of Excellence' award for 'True Grit' at the Eleventh Annual AFI Awards presentation in 2011. Getty Images

While this guess is solid, when combined with a couple other reveals from episode seven, there's only one person who could possibly be the Lion — Rumer Willis.

The first clue the Lion gave in Episode 7 referred to the "Cabaret bars of Chicago" where she hears whispers and gossip as people seek her out. The clue fits neatly with Willis' Broadway debut in Chicago in 2015. Prior to that Willis was a part of two Los Angeles live cabaret shows Love, Loss and What I Wore and For the Record.

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Rumer Willis promoting her role in Broadway's 'Chicago' in 2015. Getty Images

Besides Chicago, the Lion's Episode 7 clues also make mention of the "Bluegrass state she's known," and this is the clue that seals the deal for us. Though Willis grew up in Hailey, Idaho and considers it her hometown, the actress and singer was born in the Bluegrass State at Western Baptist Hospital in Paducah, Kentucky. Add to that Willis' Hollywood royalty family (Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are her parents) large pride of five sisters, Leo astrological sign and role on FOX's Empire and there's no other contender makes a better match for the Lion than Rumer Willis.