Who Was Revealed on 'The Masked Singer' This Week?

The Masked Singer Season 7 is in full swing, with the second contestant from Round 2 unmasked this week.

The Hydra, Ringmaster, Miss Teddy and Armadillo faced off for the second time, with the worst performing singers facing off for a final duel before the loser was unmasked.

As usual, the guesses from the judges ranged from the groan-inducing (Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo) to the plausible (Penn and Teller, and Gloria Gaynor). Eventually, Hydra lost out to Armadillo in the sing-off, and the judges had to lock in their final guesses for the three-headed character.

Ken Jeong went for Will Arnett and Zach Galifianakis, Nicole Scherzinger opted for Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly, Jenny McCarthy stumped for Bert and Ernie, while guest judge Nicole Byer's guess was Penn and Teller.

Who was the Hydra on The Masked Singer?

the masked singer season 7 hydra revealed
The Hydra on "The Masked Singer" Season 7. The contestants in the costume were revealed to be magicians Penn and Teller. Fox

Though she is only a guest star, Nicole Byer is making a play for that Golden Ear trophy—she got the Hydra's identity exactly right. The Hydra is none other than magician duo Penn and Teller.

Out of all the clues given this week on The Masked Singer, the Hydra's Mega Clue was perhaps the most revealing (viewers have speculated that all the references Miss Teddy made to the song "I Will Survive" were a red herring). Hydra's object was a deck of cards that was all jokers—the perfect fit for perhaps the most famous comedy magicians in America.

As you might expect from two illusionists, they tried to fool the judges by having the usually-silent Teller take the bulk of the vocals. After being unmasked, Penn Jillette said of this: "Some people can recognize my voice, so we gave Teller more of the singing so that maybe you wouldn't recognize his voice as much."

He added: "We just had a blast. What a stone solid blast! It was just really fun to do."

Before the Hydra was unmasked, Newsweek released a guide to all the clues that pointed to Penn and Teller being in the three-headed costume.

Among the most telling (pun intended) clues was the ATM—that is, an automated TELLER machine. Another revealing clue was the shark, which can be read in three ways—as a reference to Penn's appearance in Sharknado 3, the duo's cameo on The Simpsons (in which Teller is dangled over a shark tank), or one of their famous tricks in which Teller appeared to be dropped into shark-infested waters in a wooden box.

Other clues were a pair of water skis with "Miami" written on them (both made separate appearances on Miami Vice), a beach ball with a bull on it (the pair hosted a show called Bullshit!) and a string of cup lights (the duo often perform a trick involving cups and balls).

WARNING: The below contains possible spoilers for the Armadillo's identity on The Masked Singer

As for the Armadillo, the judges' guesses were Gary Busey, Jay Leno and William H. Macy. The clues, however, continue to point to Dog the Bounty Hunter.

In the latest episode, he told the judges: "​​That's what I do for a living. I kick butt." The Mega Clue, meanwhile, was a motorbike he called his "Wild Hog"—hopefully not an unfortunate reference to the time that Dog suggested that wild hogs could have eaten Brian Laundrie's body, or the other time he said Americans could use hog's blood to defeat ISIS. Instead, it is probably a reference to his time in the motorcycle gang the Devil's Disciples.

The Masked Singer Season 7 airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.