'The Masked Singer' Secrets Revealed: Costume & Security Protocol–Contestants Have 'More Security Than The President'

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Who is behind the Peacock Mask? FOX

It may be speculated that The Masked Singer is completely staged and everyone involved already knows the identity of the masked celebrity; however, host Nick Cannon revealed Tuesday just how much work goes into keeping the secret identities on lockdown.

"We take no chances and assume everyone is a spy," Cannon prefaced. "Our celebrities are kept in a super-secure guarded compound, away from prying eyes and even there, they are under disguise."

"To avoid being recognized, even their friends, family, agents and managers are disguised at all times," he added. "It's like a non-stop murder-mystery masquerade party–with more singing and less murder."

Since its January 2 premiere, a handful of celebrities have already been revealed–the Alien (La Toya Jackson), the Raven (Ricki Lake), the Unicorn (Tori Spelling), the Poodle (Margaret Cho), the Deer (Terry Bradshaw), the Pineapple (Tommy Chong) and the Hippo (Antonio Brown)–however, there are still 5 identities left to be unmasked.

"I feel like I'm going on a CIA mission or something," the Pineapple, unmasked as comedian Tommy Chong, said.

"I probably have more security than the President of the United States," the Peacock, rumored to be Donny Osmond, added.

In the video posted to YouTube, it is revealed that only "a select few" know the secret identities, but Cannon and show technicians are kept "in the dark." Audiences members are also bound to secrecy, signing contracts and giving up any electronics during the show.

"Now you know how we guarded the greatest secret in TV history," Cannon concluded.

Despite the insane ways producers keep the celebrity's identities secretive, it has not stopped audiences members from speculating who is the voice behind the mask. More recently, fans are on the edge of their seat wondering who is behind the lion mask. While some guesses early on included country music royalty Carrie Underwood, fans have now narrowed their guesses to three: Rumer Willis, Kelly Rowland (Destiny's Child) and Hailee Steinfeld.

As with every episode, a video clip was shown before the Lion's performance, giving insight to the performer's identity. The clues had some familiar lines like a second reference to being "Hollywood royalty" and part of a pride with "many women." But at one point, the Lion makes mention of using "true grit" to separate herself from the pack and build her own empire. Something about the phrase got Robin Thicke's wheels turning, and he suddenly remembered an earlier video clue showing a newspaper with a headline reading "Gold Found in Hailey." This put the panel on the fast track to thinking Hailee Steinfeld was the Lion because the young actress and singer landed her first starring role in the 2010 film True Grit.

The Lion, Monster, Peacock, Bee and Rabbit still have yet to be revealed, find out who is next to be revealed when The Masked Singer airs on Fox at 9 p.m. ET.