Maskless Woman Attacks Family at Community Pool for 'COVID Violations'

As tensions continue to rise surrounding COVID-19 protocols and safety measurements, one California woman has gone viral for berating a family for allegedly breaking those rules despite not wearing a face mask herself.

The TikTok video of the altercation was uploaded by user @mamichapina86 on Sunday afternoon and has been viewed nearly a million times. @Mamichapina86, also known as Astrid according to a video on her account, filmed the maskless woman who approached her family during a pool day in her apartment building's communal area.

"Shut it down. You're not allowed to have this! It's Covid!" the unidentified woman says. "Why, we're in the same house?" Astrid responds.

The woman retorts that she too is recording the interaction and that "the police are coming."

"You're cooking ... there's no food allowed!" she says, claiming that the group is breaking COVID regulations in the complex. Astrid is heard insisting that there were no rules being broken.

"You're coming over here without a mask, and we all live in the same house!" Astrid adds. The video ends with the two hurling insults about each other's weight and the maskless woman walking away.

In a follow-up video providing more context, Astrid explains that her family had gathered at a relative's house for a pool day.

"We were ... just trying to enjoy ourselves because it's been a long time since we've ... [been] at a pool because they've been closed due to COVID," she says. "So you know we thought it would be nice especially if the kids are about to go back to school to have ... the kids play all day."

She assured viewers that she and her family were not breaking any community COVID rules. "We're not affecting you, we're all family here ... why the f**k can't we enjoy ourselves?"

Astrid claims that even the maintenance crew that came by confirmed the family was not breaking any COVID guidelines in the facility.

"We showed him the video of the woman he was like, 'Yeah, we know her, she's a little cuckoo ... don't worry about her, don't pay her [any] mind. You guys weren't doing anything wrong."

In a final video, she shows the license plate number and isolated photos of the maskless woman in hopes that she can be held accountable for her actions.

Many online have sided with Astrid. "Lmao so you can't cook food in a pandemic huh so what are we all supposed to eat?" one asked.

"'It's [COVID]' so put a mask on then," another said. One even alleged that she had more sinister motives: "How is she affected by you having a good time. Makes you think... is she racist?"

The anonymous woman featured in the video is not the first to instigate a fight over COVID regulations. On April 5, one man claimed to have been brutally attacked after he approached a maskless group and asked them to follow public safety protocols.

Pool party
Video of a maskless woman chastising poolgoers without wearing a mask herself has gone viral. Leigh Vogel/Getty Images/Getty Images