Maskless Woman Has 'Meltdown' On Plane After Losing Her Glasses

Passengers aboard a Las Vegas-bound plane did not expect their in-flight entertainment to come from a woman ranting about her missing glasses.

In viral footage that made its way to Live Leak and Reddit, a maskless woman is seen throwing profanities and insults to others as she complains that she cannot exit the plane until she finds her glasses.

Redditor u/MerriRothenbergery posted about the bizarre incident on Wednesday, captioning the video "Woman Has A Meltdown On A Plane."

The video starts as the unidentified woman demands that her fiancé and other nearby passengers help her search for her eyeglasses.

"The f**k is that selfish, help me find my glasses!" she yells.

When she realizes another passenger is recording her antics, she angrily insists several times, "that's illegal." A man sitting near her identifies himself as her fiancé and tries to get both of them to stop.

"You didn't get my permission [to film]," she says.

"I'll stop when you stop," the man filming says.

"I'll stop when you find my glasses," she retorts.

During the commotion, an in-flight announcement is made, reminding passengers that "if you are still on the plane, you still need your mask covering your mouth and nose at all times."

The woman continues her tirade without adjusting her mask, asking how she had "disrespected" the man filming.

"I'm disrespectful?" he asks. "We've been listening to your crap for hours."

"That's disrespectful with his bald a**, probably don't get your d**k sucked motherf****r," she says.

"Virgin a**. Forty-year-old virgin right here ... going to Vegas with his token!"

The video ends with the woman still yelling at the man filming her, as well as the pilot announcing that they have arrived at their destination.

Reddit plane maskless woman meltdown
A maskless woman on board a flight headed to Las Vegas has gone viral for her bizarre rant while looking for her missing glasses. u/MerriRothenbergery/Reddit

Most Reddit viewers were appalled by the woman's behavior and expressed their concern for the fiancé.

"What about the poor b*****d that said she's his fiancé?! What a life he has ahead of him," a Redditor lamented.

"I mean this lady's just getting ready. This is the warm-up for the freak out she'll pull in Vegas to get kicked out somewhere," another chimed in.

Others hypothesized that she may not have had all her wits about her, citing moments in the video where her speech slurs.

"That slurry speech though. He said they put up with it for hours too," one invested viewer wrote.

"Yeah, that line told me this is while the plane is already landed and they're waiting for it to taxi to its gate. Homegirl probably knocked a few drinks back pre-flight then ordered a couple more during," another theorized.

It was not immediately clear if airport security needed to get involved once passengers got off the plane.

This maskless public freakout is the latest in a series of people unwilling to wear a face-covering on a plane. Earlier this month, an anti-mask couple was thrown off of a plane for refusing to comply with safety protocols, and viral video shows the passengers cheering as they leave.