'Mass Effect 4' Teaser Poster Hints at the Return of Iconic Original Trilogy Villains

A teaser poster for Mass Effect 4 has been revealed as part of this year's N7 Day celebrations, but even the most observant fans are struggling to glean much from this new artwork.

Similar to "Outbreak Day" for The Last of Us, November 7 is an exciting date in any devoted Mass Effect fan's calendar. After all, this annual occasion is often used by developer Bioware to make announcements about the franchise's future and to engage with its loyal community.

For instance, the 2020 iteration of the event confirmed the existence of a Legendary Edition remaster for the original trilogy, as well as that a new sequel is in the works. A cryptic trailer for the latter was then unveiled at the 2020 Game Awards ceremony in December but didn't give us that much to go on.

Beyond some vague imagery (depicting an Asari who could potentially be Liara T'Soni), all this clip really did was assure fans that publisher EA had not given up on the series after the disappointing response to Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Since then, we have not heard that much about the untitled project (which many have taken to calling Mass Effect 4, blatantly disregarding Andromeda). We still do not have a release date, a plot synopsis, or even confirmation that this is actually a mainline entry in the series, and not another spin-off or even a soft reboot.

However, what we do have is a brand-new poster. The promotional artwork was released in a tweet from the official Mass Effect account, on what was otherwise a largely uneventful N7 Day.

Mass Effect 4 Teaser Poster
Image shows the "Mass Effect 4" teaser poster. The artwork depicts a crew disembarking from a spacecraft and heading towards a massive crater shaped like a Geth. Bioware

As with last year's trailer, there is only so much information that you can extrapolate from the poster, as it's quite minimalist in design. From a bird's eye view, it depicts a crew (who only register as indistinct specs) emerging from a system's alliance starship—akin to the Normandy—and heading towards a crater on a mysterious world.

The planet in question is not instantly recognizable from any of the previous games and the ship is a model that we have not seen before either. Yet one thing that is enlightening here is the appearance of the crater itself, which is very clearly meant to evoke the Geth.

In case you do not remember, these synthetic lifeforms were principal antagonists in the original Mass Effect trilogy. Their ultimate fate hinged on your actions in the third game, as they could have been totally wiped out from the galaxy or turned into peaceful allies.

If this new installment is indeed Mass Effect 4 (and not a prequel) then it will be interesting to see how Bioware handles the return of the Geth. After all, the canonical ending of the previous game is different for each player.

Other than the Geth-shaped crater, there is very little information divulged with the Mass Effect 4 teaser poster. The official Twitter account did later promote a link that fans can use to download the image and zoom in on its individual elements for closer inspection. Yet, so far, this amateur detective work has not yielded stellar results.

It's come to our attention that some of you might like to download this poster, so here it is! Print it. Frame it. Make it your wallpaper… Just don’t zoom in and try to play detective. 😉 https://t.co/UuMmwjaXla

— Mass Effect (@masseffect) November 8, 2021

Some people think that they can make out the team members disembarking the ship and have assigned alien races to each of them. The prevailing theory is that there is at least one Krogan, a Salarian and a Turian but honestly it is very hard to tell.

For now, all we can really say with any degree of certainty is that there is another Mass Effect game in development and that the Geth will be making a comeback in some form.

Geth in Mass Effect
Image shows a Geth from the original "Mass Effect" trilogy. Bioware