Massachusetts Bus Driver and Five Students Sent to Hospital After Deer Crashed Into Front Window: 'I Was Covered in Deer Organs'

A Massachusetts school bus driver and five students were treated for injuries on Tuesday after their vehicle struck a deer, according to reports.

The driver, Mark Jardin, said the 200-pound buck crashed through the glass of the front windshield headfirst.

"[Its] head is on my lap and the antlers are flailing because it's still alive," Jardin told WCVB. "It caught me on the arm and then it got me in the chest, but I have no idea how it missed my face [and] my neck."

At this point, Jardin was worried that the deer could pose a danger to the 34 children on the bus. So, he reportedly grabbed it by the antlers and told all the students to get off the bus.

"I had to get them off of that bus," Jardin said. "If he gets up in my bus, he could go up and down the aisle and just start... he could impale anyone on that bus."

Five of the children suffered minor injuries—most of them from shards of broken glass—and were later treated in hospital.

"All I heard was the bus stopping and then a big crash," one of the students, eighth-grader Zac Lake, told WCVB. "There was so much glass in my backpack."

Another child who was on the bus, Zhoe Rodrigues, said: "I was covered in deer organs. It was nasty."

Dartmouth Public Schools said that the 29 children who were not injured were either handed over to their parents or taken back to school.

Jardin suffered the worst of the injuries. He was treated for a broken wrist and broken fingers, but says he feels lucky to be alive.

"How was I lucky enough to just take that impact, secure the bus and get them off that bus, and nobody got hurt?" he said.

The bus driver's wife, Goretti Jardin, told WCVB after the incident that she couldn't bear the thought of losing her husband.

"We've been married for 34 years. I couldn't imagine losing my best friend," she said.

deer warning sign
Stock photo: A school bus full of children collided with a deer in Massachusetts. iStock

Jardin is set to have surgery on Friday and doctors say that his injuries will take between six and eight weeks to heal. Parents of the students involved in the crash praised his efforts to keep the children safe and have now set up a GoFundMe page to help him financially.

"Mark Jardin is an amazing bus driver who keeps our children safe," Gillian Pacheco, the organizer of the fundraiser, wrote in the page description. "This morning he suffered injuries when a deer crashed through the windshield, right into him. The kids love and respect him and the parents feel safe with him behind the wheel."

"He safely brought the bus to the side of the road and calmly organized the kids to get off the bus, even though he was injured.," she wrote. "We really don't know how to repay him...but maybe we can help him, as he will likely be out of work for a while."

The deer that smashed through the window of the bus subsequently succumbed to its injuries and died.

Deer are particularly active at this time of year as it is breeding season, increasing the risk of road collisions, according to the Insurance Information Institute.