Massachusetts' Largest Newspaper Endorses 'Fearless' Elizabeth Warren For President After Democratic Debate In South Carolina

Massachusetts' largest newspaper, The Boston Globe, has endorsed Senator Elizabeth Warren for president, the candidate they describe as being "fearless and brilliant."

"Fearless and brilliant on her feet, Warren has the greatest potential among the candidates to lay bare Trump's weaknesses on a debate stage," the Globe editorial said. "The Senator gets the most mileage when she brings her fight ... to the real people in the room with her — whether businessmen or bureaucrats."

"She would fight the corruption and corporate influence that distort our politics, lift up working families, and combat gun violence and climate change."

The Globe's editorial writers also said that "any of the top six Democratic primary candidates would make a better president than the current occupant of the White House." They acknowledged that although Sen. Bernie Sanders is currently leading and carrying momentum, they believe "the party's presidential nominee is in no way a foregone conclusion," adding that "only three states have voted, and 97 percent of delegates are still up for grabs."

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) speaks during a Mi Familia Vota’s #Prioridades2020 Community Event at Cardenas Market February 17, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Warren has vowed to bring reform to ICE and CBP. Alex Wong/Getty

The Globe singled out Warren as the candidate who "stands out as a leader with the qualifications, the track record, and the tenacity to defend the principles of democracy, bring fairness to an economy that is excluding too many Americans, and advance a progressive agenda."

Warren's policies, the editorial board said, are backed by "empirical research and financial analysis." Those policies include passing stricter gun control laws, combating climate change and dramatically changing the health care system.

The Globe called Warren's analysis of the influence of money in politics "sound." The editorial board noted it was impressed by Warren's answer to a question submitted by one of the Globe's readers: "Which major legislative act will you go to the mat for, do you want to be remembered for, and think you can achieve with some bipartisan support?"

Warren responded: "I'll go to the mat for beating back the influence of money." Warren said she believes she is "not going to be able to make the real change we need" unless the issue is dealt with head-on.

The Globe made no mention in their endorsement of the controversy surrounding Warren for claiming to be Native American, although the Globe wrote several articles on the subject, including an interview with Warren in which she was asked questions regarding this issue in January 2018. The Globe's endorsement editorial, however, noted that "in December 2018, this editorial board expressed doubt that Elizabeth Warren should run for president. She has proved us wrong and has shaped the course of the race for the better."

The endorsement comes after a fiery Democratic debate in South Carolina Tuesday and only three days before the South Carolina primary. According to an NBC News/Marist poll, prior to the debate, Warren was favored by 8 percent of South Carolina voters, compared with 27 percent for former Vice President Joe Biden and 23 percent of support for Sanders.

The graphic below, provided by Statista, illustrates how the average poll ratings for selected Democractic candidates have changed over the last three months.

Democratic Candidates Average Poll Ratings Statista
Average poll ratings for selected Democratic candidates. Statista

This article was updated to include an infographic.