Matt Gaetz Describes Sexual Misconduct Claims Against Him As 'Naughty Favors'

Under fire Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has allegedly equated the serious sexual misconduct allegations he is facing to "exchanging money for naughty favors."

Donald Trump loyalist Rep. Gaetz is alleged to have made the comments while addressing Republicans during Saturday's Ohio Political Summit in Strongsville.

According to NBC News, Rep. Gaetz said: "I'm being falsely accused of exchanging money for naughty favors.

"Yet, Congress has re-instituted a process that legalizes the corrupt act of exchanging money for favors, through earmarks, and everybody knows that's the corruption."

He was apparently referring to the practice of padding out bills with pet projects of lawmakers in order to help their passage through Congress. Earmarks have been banned since 2010 but the rules on Capitol Hill's discretionary spending have recently been relaxed.

NBC News added that much of Rep. Gaetz's speech was directed at attacking Republican Senator Mitt Romney of Utah, former House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin and Anthony Gonzalez (R-OH), who voted to impeach Trump at the second attempt that ultimately failed.

Rep. Gaetz was listed among other guests, fellow Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (R-CO) and controversial conservative commentator Candace Owens.

Other major Republican figures, most notably Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, Congressman Mike Turner (R-OH) and Senator Matt Dolan (R-OH), were said to have declined invitations to the event.

NBC News reported Rep. Boebert also did not attend Saturday's political summit.

The firebrand Republican's alleged comments came after his former associate Joel Greenberg said he would plead guilty and cooperate with the investigation into Rep. Gaetz.

According to a plea agreement seen by Newsweek, Greenberg will plead guilty to six charges, namely: Producing a false identification document, identity theft, wire fraud, stalking, conspiracy and sex trafficking of a minor.

His plea agreement could result in Greenberg providing information to investigators who are examining evidence related to Rep. Gaetz's alleged sexual relationship with a minor whom he also allegedly paid to travel with him across state lines. Gaetz denies the claims.

Under federal sex trafficking laws, it is illegal to entice a person under 18 to travel across state lines to engage in sexual activity in exchange for money or another type of payment.

Greenberg is set to appear in court in Orlando on Monday where he is expected to plead guilty to the federal charges against him. The plea deal does not mention Rep. Gaetz at any point.

Rep. Gaetz has fiercely denied all allegations that have been made against him and he has not been charged in relation to the ongoing investigation.

Newsweek has contacted Rep. Gaetz, Rep. Boebert and the organizers of the Ohio Political Summit for comment.

Representative Matt Gaetz of Florida
Rep. Gaetz made the claims during a political summit in Ohio. In this photo, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fl) speaks during the "Save America Summit" at the Trump National Doral golf resort on April 09, 2021 in Doral, Florida. Gaetz is currently under investigation by the Department of Justice. Joe Raedle/Getty Images