Mattel Relaunches Castle Grayskull For He-Man's 38th Birthday

Mattel announces the return of an iconic 80's playset at the NYCC Metaverse today. The mighty Castle Grayskull is here. This epic reveal comes just in time for He-Man's 38th birthday on October 12. Long time Masters of the Universe fans will be delighted to once again return to the world of Eternia, while bringing along the next generation of fans to awe in its power. Pre-orders begin at 12 P.M. EST/9 A.M. PST at, Friday October 9 at the retail price of $74.97.

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull Reveal
Castle Grayskull from Mattel is available for preorder at and ships in spring of 2021. Mattel

Newsweek received a statement from Mattel's Global Head of Action Figures, P.J. Lewis on Thursday, October 08, 2020 in regards to the big reveal. "The Masters of the Universe Origins line was designed to be the ultimate tribute to the classic 80's figures that served as the cornerstone for a pop-culture phenomenon," said Lewis. "Now, with the relaunch of Castle Grayskull, we have reimagined one of the most iconic playsets of all time to capture the mystique, love and excitement of the original as the ultimate tribute to fans, new and old alike."

If you've already been collecting the new Masters of the Universe Origins figures, then you'll finally have the perfect home base for all your favorites. With heavy influences from the original, you can expect a new sculpt that still captures the glory and detail of the classic playset. Of course, the drawbridge out of the mouth will be there as well as the always deceiving trapdoor. From the working elevator down to the illustrations and customizable accessories, Mattel has truly recaptured the magic that made the original so special while giving it a refreshing take to compliment the updated look of the Origins line.

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull Display
All the classic accessories are here to recreate memorable battles with He-Man and his foes. Mattel

The playset is designed to fit all of the 5.5-inch Origins action figures and is also the only way you will be able to get a Special Edition figure of the Sorceress. Which makes sense because you need someone to guard all the secrets of Castle Grayskull. She comes donned all in white with translucent wings and a white staff accessory.

Your collection simply cannot be complete without Castle Gayskull taking over your shelves. Its scale is sure to add new dimensions to your display, creating the perfect base for your figures to be shown off in all their glory.

You may want to display the packaging on its own as well. The box art is beautiful and bright with an epic battle for power waging below. Sorceress can be seen central on the box, descending into the fray from above.

Masters of the Universe Castle Grayskull Box
The Special Edition Sorceress action figure is only available with the new Castle Grayskull from Mattel. Mattel

Orders will be available for shipping in Spring 2021. Be sure to pre-order yours today. Do you want one of these to display or would you rather let your children create new memories having classic battles? Which figures will you use to defend Eternia? Let us know in the comments below.