Matthew McConaughey's Many Girlfriends

Matthew McConaughey has wooed Kate Hudson, Penélope Cruz (in real life, too) and Jennifer Lopez in movies. In "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," he's after Jennifer Garner. He spoke with Nicki Gostin:

In this movie you play a player.
A guy who looooves women.

So this was like doing a documentary for you.
Ha, ha, ha. Such a witty comment! I wouldn't call it a documentary. I've had some wonderful relationships with ladies.

Oh, please, no research was done here!
These women in the movie come back and are pissed off. I hope I can say that the women I've had in my past haven't been as pissed off as these women.

You're the romantic-comedy go-to guy.
Thank you.

Do you think you'd be as successful without those dimples?

I think they're a big part of the equation.
Well, I have to thank my mom for those. That's where they came from.

Do you go crazy if you don't exercise every day?
I'm not a purist like that. People think I'm an exercise fiend because they see the same picture all the time. There's plenty of days when I sleep in.

Do you ever scream, "Feel the burn!"?

Ever kiss your guns?
Not recently.

Are you allergic to cotton?

Because you seem to not wear shirts very often.
Another backhanded comment!

I don't blame you. You've got a great body. Why not show it off?
I was raised in the country. When it was warm outside we were out there in shorts, no shirt, no shoes. I was doing that long before anybody was taking pictures and people like you were seeing it.

Could you step on a tack and not feel it?
Exactly. I know now when I get a pedicure and they try to sand the bottom of my feet, I'm like, "No, no, no. I worked on these. Don't do that. It took a long time." I'd say my feet are a little more tender now than they used to be.

Pedicures. That's very metrosexual of you.
Oh, yeah. I'm not afraid of a pedicure or a facial.

Kiss-Takes Were Made
There are some things from Scotland you just can't pretty up. Haggis, for instance. Not so Susan Boyle. Only days after she became a celebrity thanks in large part to her dowdy looks (and stunning voice), Boyle had a makeover. Darker hair. Thinner eyebrows. And most shocking: an admission that, despite what she said on British TV, she really has been kissed. "It was meant as a joke!" Boyle said. Simon Cowell will be heartbroken.

A Lifeline For 'Millionaire'
The decision to bring "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" back to prime-time TV is pathetic because: (a) Poor Regis turns 78 in August. Is ABC really going to make him work the night shift? (b) It's capitalizing on all the free advertising from "Slumdog Millionaire" winning the Oscar. (c) What about Meredith Vieira? She might have a day job, but times are tough! (d) Phone a friend? That's, like, so 1999. C'mon. Even Barbara Walters knows how to Twitter now.