Maybe Lack of Experience in D.C. Does Matter

At least, insofar as picking running mates goes. Of all the juicy revelations spilling out from Mark Halperin and John Heilemann's new book Game Change, my favorite so far is the relatively unsalacious, but totally amusing, reports of beef between Obama and Joe Biden (which the White House denies.) Obama, you see, was mad about Biden's gaffes. "How many times is Biden gonna say something stupid?" Obama supposedly demanded to know.

No one schooled in the ways of Washington could be as incredulous as Obama was about Biden's tendency to wander off-message. His notoriety for just that problem made me predict that Obama would regret his selection. I thought I had been proven wrong, but maybe I was right after all. That would certainly help explain why Biden has been relegated to relatively low-profile assignments such as cheerleading for rail investment and overseeing the effective disbursement of stimulus dollars rather than, say, being front and center on foreign policy or health-care reform.

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