McCain vs. Obama on Car Ownership

After the controversy over the exact number of homes owned by each U.S. presidential candidate (McCain: seven; Obama: one), it seems fitting to note that the GOP nominee also bests the Dem when it comes to car ownership. Obama's lone vehicle is a green machine, a Ford Escape hybrid, purchased in 2007 to replace the family's Chrysler 300C. (Obama made the change after being criticized for driving a gas guzzler even as he was haranguing Detroit for not building enough fuel-efficient vehicles.)

John and Cindy McCain, on the other hand, have stocked their garages with a fleet of 13 vehicles, from golf-cart-style electric cars to a Ford pickup truck. McCain's personal ride—a 2004 Cadillac CTS—is not very energy-friendly, but it should make Detroit happy since it's a General Motors product. Such consideration is not insignificant, with Michigan's 17 electoral votes in play. In an interview with a local Detroit TV station, McCain boasted, "I've bought American literally all my life and I'm proud." Yet aside from his ride, the rest of the fleet is hardly all-American: the McCains own a 2005 Volkswagen convertible and a 2001 Honda sedan. Most of the cars are registered to Cindy, though not the Lexus she actually drives. That's under her family business, the beer distributor Hensley & Associates. Her specialty plates? MS BUD.