McDonald's Drinks Machine Found Crawling With Worms in Viral Video

A video that appears to show a worm infestation inside a McDonald's drinks machine has caused a lot of disgust online.

The clip, which was originally shared to TikTok by a user called Mcoldkentroad, shows piles of worms in the drains of a soft drinks machine at a branch of the fast-food chain on Old Kent Road in south London.

The clip, which has since been deleted, is still visible on the app because other users have stitched replies onto it.

Although it was initially thought that the long pink insects were maggots a spokesperson for McDonald's told MyLondon that they were in fact earthworms.

They explained: "We take cleanliness and hygiene extremely seriously.

"Unfortunately, a number of weeks ago we were made aware of an issue in the drain serving the drinks station at our Old Kent Road restaurant.

"We immediately closed the drinks station and our hygiene team identified the cause of the issue which was fixed before a deep clean was carried out.

"The area was inspected by external specialists and no drinks were served to customers until we were sure that the issue was fully resolved."

The spokesperson also clarified that it was an "isolated incident, not an infestation".

Still, according to MyLondon, the video had attracted more than 400,000 views before it was deleted.

However, many people have commented on the footage after it was shared on November 25 by an account called Queenreenthe1st, paired with footage of a woman looking disgusted. This video can be viewed here.

One TikTok user, Joshiue, wrote: "I work at McDonald's, just wanna say I clean the beverage area whenever I'm on shift so not all McDonald's are like this but if they are, they need to be closed down as it violates numerous health codes."

Another person, Habibi_1976, added: "I saw this the other day. I've been ordering for my granddaughter from here, but not anymore."

Prinse Nyalia commented: "Would not surprised me really."

In other news, recently McDonald's employees in Henry County, Georgia, had an eventful shift when they reportedly had to hide in a refrigerator after they were accosted by a customer who became upset after an item on the menu ran out.

The fast-food outlet became the scene of a heated dispute after a couple placed a coffee order at around 9 p.m. on Tuesday, only to be told that an item was no longer available, WSB-TV 2 Atlanta reported.

The local news station spoke to a 16-year-old staff member who said that a group of them had to hide over fears the couple would turn violent.

Newsweek has contacted McDonald's for comment.

McDonalds logo
An image of a McDonald's sign. Worms were reportedly found in a McDonald's drinks machine in London. Getty Images