McDonald's Worker Shows How They Cook Folded Eggs Compared to Round Ones in Viral Video

An alleged McDonald's employee has shown millions the difference between the chain's round and folded eggs.

Both are popular breakfast choices, but as shown by this worker, are made in two very different ways—with customers dubbing one far "fresher" than the other.

The video by the worker has been viewed over 13 million times in the two days since it was posted to the TikTok account @essentialmcdonalds.

Depicting "folded eggs vs rounded eggs at McDonald's," the difference between them shocked viewers, as he detailed the exact methods to both.

Folded eggs, he explained, "come pre-cooked" as he showed them in a plastic packaging, appearing just as they do when served. The worker said that the eggs aren't as yellow in real life as they appear on camera.

"All we do is throw them on the grill and arrange them neatly, put a little water in there and cook them," he explained. After cooking, they're simply scooped into the tray.

Round eggs, he said, are cooked fresh every day. The eggs are cracked directly onto the cooker, which came as a surprise to some customers, into a rounded stencil to ensure the shape.

The video can also be seen here.

"We pop all the yokes," he said, showing himself poking the yolk of each egg individually to spread it out. Water is then poured into the top of the cooker in order to steam the eggs to perfection.

To millions of viewers, the difference in cooking technique was clear as many vowed to only order round eggs in the future due to their apparent freshness.

"Okay, so get the round egg, not the folded," noted one viewer.

"Round eggs are superior," added another.

Former employees at McDonald's alleged that folded eggs used to come from eggs in a carton, rather than being pre-cooked. "Back in the day we had eggs in cartons to cook the folded eggs and the round eggs were regular eggs," commented one user.

Others were left defending the folded eggs, despite its cooking method being less desirable than that of the round eggs. "Folded eggs win every single time," wrote one user. "I don't care that it's pre-made, so are 95 percent of all food products in fast food restaurants. Your burgers come pre-made."


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The McDonald's employee went on to show viewers how scrambled eggs are made at the chain fast-food restaurant in a later video, which can be seen here. The carton egg mixture is poured into a scrambled egg measuring cup per the amount being made.

"Then you just pour it right on the grill" and "move it around with a scrambled egg tool," he said, showing a technique almost identical to the one most people use at home.

"We don't have a timer for scrambled eggs, which is why sometimes it may be more runny than other times," he said.

McDonald's customers rushed to link that video straight back to his most viral, with one user writing: "I definitely just assumed they were chopped up folded eggs."