McDonald's Employee Says She Prepared 6,400-item Order in Viral Video: 'Ya Girl is TIRED'

One McDonald's employee has gone viral after claiming in a now-viral video that she prepared a 6,400-item order.

The video was posted to TikTok on Wednesday by Brittani Marie Curtis (@brittanicurtis23), who wrote: "no lie, ya girl is TIRED!" The 22-second clip has racked up more than 530,000 views and over 90,000 comments.

"When a customer calls and says they need 1,600 mcchicken [sic], 1,600 mcdoubles and 3,200 cookies in four hours," the video's text overlay read.

The video shows countless stacked boxes filled with sandwiches in the fast-food restaurant's kitchen area.

The large McDonald's order isn't the first to make headlines in recent months. Newsweek previously reported that a video showing a McDonald's employee struggling to find a driver willing to deliver a "mountain of food" went viral in September.

According to the video, the large order took 45 minutes to prepare.

Many of the video's commenters—customers and drivers alike—expressed their frustration with the fast-food chain, claiming that delivery orders consistently take too long to fulfill.

Though no one could pinpoint the exact reasoning for this, it is important to note that more and more restaurant workers have expressed feeling overwhelmed at work, for a variety of reasons.

In August, the staff at one McDonald's location in Detroit staged a walkout over poor working conditions.

Throughout the Spring, fast-food restaurants around the country hung signs claiming to either be closed or understaffed after their employees quit. The employees of one Chipotle location blamed "borderline sweatshop conditions," as their reasoning to quit.

Additionally, Axios reported that "increasingly combative customers" have also led restaurant workers to quit their jobs.

In the comments section of her video, Curtis explained that the customer—a local prison—places large orders often.

"We do business with them a lot," said Curtis in response to a commenter asking if the client picked the order up. "They're very credible. It's usually never such short notice though."

She added that they didn't begin working on the order until the customer had paid.

A TikToker under the username Little Kitty asked: "How do you remember how many and not lose count?"

Curtis replied: "We had 2 people up front keeping count with a calculator. They counted 20 at a time as we sent them."

Of course, many viewers wanted to know how much the order cost. In the comments section of a different video, she said the total was around $7,400.

Newsweek reached out to Curtis for comment.

One McDonald’s employee has gone viral after claiming in a now-viral video that she prepared a 6,400-item order. The order was for a local prison and cost more than $7,000. Justin Sullivan / Staff/Getty