McDonald's Ice Cream Drink Hack Goes Viral—But Not Everyone Is Sold

TikTok is a pool for fast-food based hacks and tips, with new "life-changing" ones trickling out daily. This latest hack however has split viewers, with many debating just how revolutionary it really is.

After TikTokers began mixing McDonald's ice cream into coffees, user @hasaneats attempted the trend with a Fanta instead.

"I tried the McDonald's drink hack everyone's going but with orange soda," they wrote, as they dipped the ice cream cone into the top of the soda. They then shook it up to create a creamy ice cream float.

"10/10 it's bussin bussin," they reviewed.

"Hasan over here living in 3021," commented the official McDonald's TikTok account.

With over 1.2 million likes since being uploaded on July 26, the hack has been well received online, but not everyone is here for it. For many, the discovery of an ice cream float at McDonald's is far from life-changing.

The video can also be seen here.

"I don't understand. Do these kids really not know what a float is and think they're being innovative? Or are they just trolling the internet? I'm honestly worried about the human race," commented one concerned Instagram user on a repost of the video.

"Bro, wouldn't it be crazy if someone tried it with root beer," joked one TikTok user.

Traditionally, ice cream floats are made with root beers, but are also enjoyed with other sodas like Coke.

As pointed out by some viewers, however, the hack provides a way ice cream float lovers can enjoy the treat at McDonalds, even though it's not on the menu.

"Why are y'all so upset. No one said it was something new, this is just a way to do it with McDonald's stuff," defended one user.

In some countries, McFloats are a permanent part of the McDonald's menu. The Philippines and India for example offer a Coke McFloat, offering a scoop of soft serve on top of a coke. In 2019, the Philippines temporarily sold a Milk Tea McFloat, with two separate flavors: classic and wintermelon.

McDonald's sold Dr. Pepper McFloats in the U.S. temporarily in 2016, but the sweet treat is no longer available on the fast food restaurant's menu. This TikTok hack allows customers to get their ice cream float fix regardless.

In August, Hasan also tried his mixture with a Sprite, dubbing it the "best one, no cap," before attempting it with iced tea too. The iced tea gained only a 9/10 rating, compared to the full score of the Sprite and Fanta.

Newsweek has contacted Hasan for comment.

Soda cup filled up in McDonald's
A customer fills a 21 ounce cup with soda at a 'McDonalds' on September 13, 2012 in New York City. Maria Tama/Getty Images