McDonald's Boss Lost Eye After Fired Employee's Dad Attacked Him With Rake

A Missouri man was found guilty of assaulting a McDonald's manager with a rake after his daughter was fired by the fast-food restaurant earlier in the day.

St. Louis County Circuit Judge Nellie Ribaudo ruled that Kendell R. Cooks, 38, was guilty of felony counts of first-degree assault and armed criminal action alongside a misdemeanor count of property damage for the incident that took place in Chesterfield, Missouri, on January 9, 2019.

The attack occurred about 90 minutes after Cooks' daughter was fired by the manager of the McDonald's, Jeffrey Jackson, for allegedly not wearing the correct work attire and using inappropriate language in front of customers, according to local station KPLR.

Following his daughter's firing, the 38-year-old and several others drove to the McDonald's, and Cooks picked up a 5-foot-long wooden and metal rake from a nearby dumpster.

Cooks blocked in Jackson's car, which the manager was occupying during his break, and then smashed the driver's side window of the vehicle with the rake, before striking him several times, according to Ribaudo's ruling.

Part of the attack was filmed on Jackson's dashboard camera and evidence from photos showed glass and blood inside the victim's vehicle following the incident.

Jackson told the court that he was hospitalized for a week following the attack, and had to undergo five surgeries to repair his vision. He lost one of his eyes as a consequence of the incident, which he proved by taking out his prosthetic eye for the judge.

Sam Alton, chief of staff for Prosecuting Attorney for St. Louis County Wesley Bell, told KPLR that "a weapon was used, a rake," and added: "The victim was in his car. Mr. Cooks used the rake to assault the victim. In the process, the victim lost his eye. It was a very dangerous crime, a life-threatening crime."

Cooks alleged that Jackson pushed his daughter out of the door of the fast-food restaurant after he fired her and told the authorities that although he was angry he didn't intend to assault anyone.

After viewing surveillance footage from inside the McDonald's, Ribaudo said that although there was contact between Jackson and Cooks' daughter after the manager slipped, nobody shoved anyone, according to KPLR.

Following the verdict, Alton explained that justice was done, saying: "Once you cross that line and there's violence involved, that's a case that somebody's either going to end up pleading guilty to or it's going to go to trial but it's not going to be dismissed."

Cooks, who shook his head when the guilty verdict was delivered by Ribaudo, faces up to 30 years in prison when he is sentenced on August 11.

Newsweek has contacted McDonald's and Bell's office for comment.

McDonald's manager assaulted with rake
File photo of the McDonald's logo outside one of its stores on November 13, 2020, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. A Missouri man was found guilty of assaulting a McDonald’s manager with a rake after his daughter was fired earlier in the day. Nathan Stirk/Getty Images