McDonald's Worker Pulled Gun on Customer for Not Having a Mask, Woman Says

A McDonald's customer in Georgia has said an employee at the fast-food restaurant pulled a gun on her for not having a mask, according to reports.

Crista Burton said she believed the situation at the McDonald's in Flat Shoals Road, in Decatur, escalated due to a misunderstanding over a mask, according to Fox5.

The customer said she recently went into the fast-food restaurant during a stop on her journey back to Athens.

Burton told the network: "I asked if they had any mask available. I guess they thought I heard their conversation, but I didn't.

"They started yelling 'didn't I tell you that we didn't have any mask available' and I'm like 'whoa why are you yelling?'"

After Burton asked staff for a mask, she said an employee smacked her phone from her hands.

Burton told Fox5: "I ran over to get my phone and when I got back up and turned around she pulled out a gun.

"She had a black bag and pulled out the gun. She threw the black bag back over the counter, and she proceeded to square up with me like she wanted to fight and was waving the gun."

Camera footage captured the dispute and a McDonald's could be seen brandishing a handgun and coming up close to Burton.

Burton later told the network: "I'm not a threat to you. I don't have any weapons. I didn't jump behind the counter and threaten to fight you at all. That was a real shocker."

DeKalb County Police Department officers arrived at the McDonald's and told Fox5 they were now investigating the case.

Burton said: "People, they don't want to talk about anything. They just want to pull out a gun and shoot you I guess."

Newsweek has contacted McDonald's and the DeKalb County Police Department for comment.

Altercations between McDonald's employees and customers have happened over a number of reasons whether over face masks or menu items no longer available.

McDonald's employees in Henry County, in Georgia, said they hid in a refrigerator in fear for their lives after a furious customer attacked them because a menu item had run out.

A 16-year-old employee told WSB-TV 2 Atlanta that staff retreated to the refrigerator as they feared the situation could escalate and become violent.

Another employee told the network: "I was scared because, like, you never know how crazy people are like. He could have had a gun and shoot us all."

A McDonald's sign in LA.
The sign for McDonald's drive in take-away restaurant and an American flag in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles, California. Crista Burton said the McDonald's employee pulled a gun on her. Epics/Getty Images