McDonald's Worker Shows Amount of Oil and Salt Left by Fries in Viral Video

A McDonald's worker has lifted the lid on how fries are made at the Golden Arches—and it's left fast food fans feeling seriously conflicted.

In a video shared to TikTok by a McDonald's employee in Australia posting videos under maccaschick, viewers are given a glimpse of the amount of oil and salt residue that collects underneath the fries tray throughout an average day at McDonald's.

While few, if anyone, visiting a fast food restaurant of this kind is under any illusions over what they are about to consume, the footage nevertheless makes for a difficult watch.

Maccaschick posted the video to TikTok to try and dispel the often heard notion that ordering a portion of fries from McDonald's represents the healthy option.

"I'm trying to stay healthy, I'll just get the fries," they write alongside the video, imitating what is apparently an often heard refrain in the Golden Arches.

Scraping around the accumulated oil, salt and leftover potato which appears to have congealed into an mashed potato-like goop, the TikToker asks: "You sure about that?"

The clip can be watched here.

At the time of writing the video had racked up over 7.1 million views, with reactions divided between those put off by what they saw and those unsurprised by the footage.

Josh_Jebbink commented: "This is why I hate fries," while mel_maltese wrote: "this has just killed my maccas run." User sabihah.hass said: "we're not getting fries again."

By contrast, kitauncle responded: "I'm still gonna eat them because they are buzzin," with user050205070 adding: "potatoes are potatoes." Another user, posting as horriblethisis, took things further, writing: "Give. Me. The bits."

Commenting on her own video, Maccaschick sought to clarify that the residue shown in the video wasn't the fries themselves but rather the oil and fat that collects under the tray at the end of the day.

"These aren't the fries, it's the oil and salt left at the end of the day," she said. "It doesn't affect how your fries taste. It's just the residue under the filter after making like 1000 fries."

She even posted a follow-up video, showing her lifting up the tray to reveal the goop underneath. That clip can be watched here.


Reply to @leanneharrickie @everyone in the comments, there’s a filter, this is all the residue. This isn’t what you’re being served. #fyp #maccas #maccasfryyay #foryou #xycba

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In a statement issued to Newsweek, McDonald's Australia said: "Our customers love going to any McDonald's and getting the same great tasting flavors they know and love.

"We only use the highest quality potatoes to create our world-famous French fries, which are fried in a superior and healthier blend including canola and sunflower oils.

"In 2020, McDonald's Australia purchased 133.3 million kilos of locally-sourced potatoes as part of our commitment to supporting the Australian agriculture industry."

The video follows on from a viral photo appearing to show a bug-like seed baked into a bun from the Golden Arches.

A McDonald's worker also went viral after showing what they do when a customer asks for fresh fries.

9 portions of fries from McDonald's.
Several portions of McDonald's fries. A video showcasing the oil and salt left over by a day of cooking fries at a McDonald's in Australia has gone viral. Getty