McDonald's Worker Singing to Customers Waiting for Order Delights Internet

Dinner and a show is usually something associated with fine dining and an evening at the theater—but one fast-food worker in London has delighted the internet by bringing the concept to the masses.

Richard Walker has gained worldwide notoriety after multiple videos of him at work went viral on social media. Walker is known for entertaining customers with musical treats by the likes of Bob Marley, Oasis, and Bruno Mars.

Liverpool Street McDonald's in London is the busiest store in the U.K., and Walker has been a feature there for the last nine years.

Dubbed the "McMC," Walker told Newsweek: "I used to sing once a week for an hour raising money for Ronald McDonald House Charities exclusively, and occasionally made people laugh. But you can see where the night shift needed my specialty, so our business manager moved me to overnights."

Ronald McDonald House Charities provides free accommodation for families who have children in hospital. The charity's official site explains: "Our 13 houses across the U.K. give families a warm and comfortable place to rest, eat and relax, just moments away from their child's hospital ward. Out support is invaluable to families at a critical time in their lives." Since 1989, the charity has supported over 50,000 families to stay close to their children in hospital as they receive all-important care.

Viral McDonald's Singer Richard Walker
A picture of Richard Walker with his microphone and famous piano tie, left, and a picture of Richard and a colleague during a charity singing event, right. Richard has gained worldwide attention online for his stand-out performances during the night shift in McDonald's in London, U.K. ukrichardwalker/Instagram

"The night shift is full of late travelers and their friend Jack Daniels," joked Walker: "I sing at least once a night every night, with a mix of Bob Marley, Bruno Mars, and some English favorites like Robbie Williams and Oasis. Depending on how well staffed we are I can sing with customers all night, and like the Backstreet Boys song says, I Want It That Way."

TikTok is filled with video clips of Walker doing what he does best, and internet users love it.

"Yes brother drop those lyrics," said one commenter on a video. Another TikTok user said: "I'd buy anything that man was selling for the performance alone."

Frequently, customers will join in with Walker's tunes—sharing the joy with others. There's some psychology in it too. Research has found that singing improves our sense of happiness and wellbeing, with the University of Oxford reporting that people feel more positive after actively singing than when passively listening to music.

Walker loves seeing the reactions of customers when he bursts into song, and enjoys catching up on videos online too: "I love seeing people's surprise," he said: "I've been called Kenan from SNL, if only I could be half as funny as him."

"Talents and God-given passions can only unnoticed so long and I'm happy that people enjoy an uncommon gift in an even less common position," said Walker. "I guess you could say I'm lovin' it? And hopefully will be loving it as long as possible."