McDonald's Worker Swearing at Woman for Ordering Large Fry Divides Viewers

Viewers' opinions were split over a viral TikTok video in which a McDonald's employee swore after a woman placed a large order of fries while in the drive-thru.

The video, which was first posted by TikTok user @hails.mae in late 2020, was recently reposted to her account. It was first viewed nearly 8 million times, and the second posting received more than 1 million views.

TikToker @hails.mae asked for a large order of fries after showing an already-pricy order in her video, to which the employee asked if she was aware that they were closing soon before he swore. The TikToker later revealed that the video was filmed as a joke, and she asked the employee to say something rude to her.

Drive Thru
Here, a McDonald's employee is seen handing off an order to a customer in the drive-thru. Viewers of a viral video have weighed in on an interaction between a drive-thru employee and a customer.

While the video was filmed as a joke, employee burnout in the restaurant industry is common.

"Burnout behavior most often shows up as irritability, mood swings and cynicism," an article published by Forbes said. "It can also exhibit as depression, lethargy and lack of motivation."

Managers who recognize burnout are encouraged to take steps to ensure they help their employees.

One tip from the publication was to provide support to their employee if there is a conflict with a customer.

In her video, @hails.mae showed a screen displaying an order before asking to add a large fry.

"You know we close in like 10 minutes, you f**king b**ch," the employee said over the drive-thru speaker after pausing for a moment. "Come on."

Just before the video ended, @hails.mae is heard laughing.

Some viewers wrote that they could sympathize with the employee.

"I genuinely feel his pain," a TikTok user wrote.

"Bro said what everyone thought," another viewer commented.

"ANYONE that goes anywhere before the last 15 mins of closing is in the wrong for me lol," one viewer wrote.

However, some criticized the employee for his reaction.

"Should never speak that way to a person," commented a viewer. "Kindness always."

"He needs to be fired it is his job," another viewer wrote.

"I really hope he was one of her friends joking around with her and if not he deserves to be fired," one TikTok user said. "Sometimes this happens & the customer comes first."

Some viewers caught on that the interaction wasn't quite as it seemed, which was revealed in a video @hails.mae posted shortly after sharing the viral clip the first time.

In the follow-up video, @hails.mae told the employee that they were filming a TikTok video and asked if he was willing to call her an "annoying b**ch" after she ordered a large fry.

After they successfully filmed the video, @hails.mae thanked the employee for his participation.

She wrote to Newsweek and said that she was with her friends and got the idea to "stir up some trouble" by making the video.

TikToker @hails.mae said she was not surprised to find that many viewers who were unaware that the video was made as a joke criticized her. However, she did not expect that anyone would have taken her side.

"I totally knew people were going to take the employee's side regardless, I was surprised with the amount of people on my side," she said.

TikToker @hails.mae commended the employee for playing along and participating in the video when she asked.

Others have shared their drive-thru experiences in viral posts.

One employee was praised for his "impeccable" customer service, while another viral video showed an argument that a McDonald's drive-thru employee got into with a customer.

A video shared on TikTok showed the moment that a drive-thru employee threw a drink at a customer.

Updated 08/24/2022, 2:54 p.m. ET: This story has been updated with comments from TikToker @hails.mae.