'McMillions' on HBO: What Happened to Jerry Colombo After the Events of the Documentary?

In McMillions Episode 2, available to view now on HBO Go and Now, true crimes fans met the family of Jerry Colombo, the second Jerry involved in the McDonald's Monopoly scam. However, the episode did not tell his full story, including what happened to him in 1998 while he was working with Jerry Jacobson.

In the episode, Gerraldo "Jerry" Colombo, who had links to the Colombo crime family is introduced by his family as a mix of Al Capone and Rodney Dangerfield. Per Daily Beast, he was born in Sicily, raised in Brooklyn and then moved to South Carolina, where he lived with wife Robin. In the state, he ran nightclubs, casinos and a betting ring before meeting Jacobson at the airport in Atlanta.

From that point, the pair began working together, with Jacobson giving Colombo a Dodge Viper game piece in late 1995. In a winter commercial that year for McDonald's, Colombo can be seen holding a giant prop car key, though he ended up taking a cash prize instead due to being too big to fit in the car.

mcmillions jerry colombo
Jerry Colombo appeared in a 1995 McDonald's advert. McDonald's

After this date, a number of the family and friends of Colombo started winning the big prizes. In 1996, for example, Robin's father William Fisher was given a $1 million token, with her Virginian brother-in-law also winning the top prize.

The McDonald's Monopoly scam may not have been the only one Colombo was working on. In McMillions, for example, Robin tells us that after smoking half a joint one night she went to the kitchen for a sweet snack and found a grey M&M in there, of the sort that were involved in another $1 million promotion.

On May 7, 1998, however, tragedy struck. As Robin and Jerry drove to Georgia to look for a place to build a new house, they were hit by an F-15 truck on the expressway, hitting a concrete wall after being dragged 250 feet. Colombo was able to crawl from the wreckage, but two weeks later he died after being taken off life support.

Robin survived the crash, however, and would later be sentenced to 18 months in jail for her role in the scam. During her time inside, she wrote the book From a Mafia Widow to God's Child about life with and without Jerry.

Speaking to Adventures with God, Robin said of her involvement in the scam: "I didn't care how I made money as far as fraud. I never felt that anyone was being personally hurt."

In the interview, she revealed that the FBI visited her while she was on work release from prison for a separate count of fraud. She said: "I'm there two weeks and three federal agents come...and they had a poster...and they had bubbles all over it and they had 'Uncle Jerry' [Jacobson] in the middle he was the main bubble and O was one of the second bubbles...It was about the McDonald's Monopoly game and I saw that and thought, 'oh god'."

McMillions airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on HBO.