Medical Students Share Shocking Debt They Will Have: 'Should Be Free'

A medical student has revealed the debts his friends and fellow students are set to face in a viral video, subsequently splitting opinions online.

TikToker and Heersink School of Medicine student William Illiano, who uses the name @will_ill online, took to his account to share the amount of money his friends will owe in college debts by the time they graduate. Estimates ranged from $150,000 to a whopping $400,000.

"Asking med students how much they're taking out," he captioned the post which has since gained over 3 million views and 300,000 likes. "We're so broke it's actually insane," he captioned the video which can be seen here.


we’re so broke it’s actually insane #fyp #medschool

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As William approached each of his friends, they shared their financial burden of school to the camera. Saloman and Yolanda were the first two up and provided the lowest of the range with $150,000 each—a price William described as "respectable."

Javu and Aaron are both expected to owe $200,000 by the end of their studies while Gnyata expects $300,000 in debt.

The highest of the range, and likely the most shocking, was student Tanya, who said she will have taken out $400,000 as she is an out-of-state student. "You might be able to pay that off before you're dead," joked William.

According to the latest report by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), the median education debt for indebted medical school graduates in 2019 was $200,000 with 73 percent of graduates reporting education debt. Since then, the medical education debt has increased, but at a rate only slightly higher than inflation "and has been stable at $200,000 for the past two years."

The AAMC also found that the average cost for medical students to attend an in-state public school was $38,947 per year while for private institutions it was $61,023.

Medical students can expect an income for their first year after medical school of $57, 863 according to the AAMC. This, however, increases further into their career, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting the median annual wage of a physician is at least $208,000.

It's these varying factors that left viewers of the video split on just how shocking the expected debt should be.

"I used to do payroll for a doctor's practice. Y'all don't be feeling too bad for them. I had a doc make in one month what I made in a year," commented one TikTok user.

"Yes they will all make decent money eventually, but let's not forget the real issue. Higher education in the U.S. is too expensive," countered another user.

One user agreed, adding: "Med school should be free. Salaries have been totally squeezed and they have a massively delayed earnings start."

Newsweek has contacted @will_ill for comment.

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