Why Is Meek Mill Going Back to Prison? Judge Sentences Rapper After Violating Probation

After spending nearly a year in prison on charges related to drug dealing and possession, rapper Meek Mill will be locked up again after he violated his probation, according to a Monday TMZ report.

Mill, whose real name is Robert Rihmeek Williams, is slated to spend a minimum of two years behind bars because he violated the terms of his parole on two seperate occasions.

Mill had a run in with the law in March after he assaulted an employee at St. Louis International Airport. The airport employee allegedly tried to take a photograph with the 30-year-old. The rapper refused, which resulted in a physical altercation. Although Mill wasn't arrested, he and two airport employees were charged with misdemeanor assault and were given court summons.

Rapper Meek Mill arrives for court at the Criminal Justice Center with his lawyer Brian McMonagle in Philly. #MeekMill pic.twitter.com/AL9chUKjno

— David Maialetti (@davidmaialetti) November 6, 2017

Then, in August, Mill was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment after he was found driving irresponsibly—popping wheelies and violating the speed limit—on a motorcycle in New York City.

Both charges were dropped in court. However, during a Monday hearing in Philadelphia, Mill's judge deemed both instances as a violation of his probation and sentenced the rapper to up to four years in prison. As the judge noted, it wasn't the first time Mill violated parole. He did so in 2015 when he left Pennsylvania for a performance without getting the proper approval from the courts.

Meek was not a mainstream rapper when he was first incarcerated in 2008 on drug charges. He initially served eight months behind bars and was given a five-year probation agreement following his release in 2009, during which he was expected to stay out of trouble.

However, Mill violated his parole in 2013, which resulted in him spending another five months in prison and having his probation period extended by another five years.

The Pennsylvania native, who famously dated fellow rapper Nicki Minaj between 2015 and 2017, appeared to be refocusing on his craft. He released his third studio album, Wins and Losses, in July.

Following his short stint behind bars in 2013, Mill debuted the highly acclaimed album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, succeeded by his 2012 release, Dreams and Nightmares.

After the judge's ruling, Mill was immediately handcuffed and taken by sheriff's deputies, Philly.com reported.