Tiktokers 'Dollar Sign Empire' Get Millionaires to Tell Them How They Got Rich

How did he afford that sports car? What job enabled her to purchase that mansion? And why are they wearing such expensive clothing?

If you have ever asked yourself questions like this, you may enjoy a TikTok account called Dollar Sign Empire.

The self-described media start up, which has more than 1.2 million followers on the app, is taking the mystique out of success by asking advice from affluent people on the streets of Florida.

Andrew Herrera, 21, and Matthew Meyer, 22, scour the streets of Naples, looking for interesting guests to interview about their careers.

Herrera explains to Newsweek that they look for people on the famed Fifth Avenue, which is a "hub for ultra wealthy individuals" as well as a "big tourist attraction."

Just recently one of their videos went viral—with 35.2 million views—featuring an elderly man in a Bentley, who revealed he made his money via medical software.

His advice? "You figure out who you can trust and you take them all the way."

In another video, shared on October 14 which can be viewed here, the men ask a couple who are holding bags of upmarket shopping about how they made money in real estate.

The woman tells them: "You have to start risking or you're never going to make any money."

The young duo, who previously worked in retail and hospitality, want to encourage others to take risks like they themselves have done.

Their favorite interview was conducted with a man who quit his medical job to start a winery in California.

Herrera explains: "You know, there's a lot of people who stay in things [careers] that they're not happy in.

"And this guy struck a chord when he told the world: 'I was unhappy in my job, I quit my job, took a huge risk move to California started a wine vineyard and now I'm killing it. Selling 6000 cases of wine every year.'

"So that, I think that's powerful."

Through their videos the ambitious men reveal that they are "inspiring a lot of young individuals to start businesses.

"We get hundreds of messages every day, from people telling us that they're starting things because of Dollar Sign Empire."

And the pair, who have grand ambitions to build a media empire, say that they too have been able to learn from their subjects.

"Interviewing so many successful people, they've reinforced time and time again that there is nothing more important in business than the people that you do business with," says Herrera.

"Trust. Relationships... that's what its all about."

Dollar Sign Empire
Andrew Herrera and Matthew Meyer are the men behind Dollar Sign Empire, a TikTok account asking successful people about their journey to the top. Instagram


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