Meet The Boyfriend Who Wants His Girlfriend To Pay Him Each Time She Sleeps Over

Twitter thinks a Reddit man is insane for asking his girlfriend to pay a fee each time she sleeps over. The unnamed man asked if he's doing the wrong thing by charging her rent to make up for the cost of increased utilities which has apparently been caused by her presence.

The original post was created by u/aitaboyfriend2 on community r/AmITheA**hole and shared on Twitter by @AITA_Reddit. It explains that since the man's girlfriend started sleeping over three or four days a week (as opposed to one before) his utility bill has gone up. He didn't state how much his bill has grown, but did reveal his monthly rent is $1800.

As a way to make up for the added expense, the man asked for $24 per night from the girl, who apparently thinks he's a jerk. He noted she and her friends think his ask is ridiculous.

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"I explained that all of my utility bills have gone up significantly since she started staying over more and that $24 for one night in a $1800/mo apartment is a great deal. Heck, I wish I got to live in my apartment for that little," the post reads.

The pair live in separate apartments and have been dating for a year, he revealed. His major concern is that he's starting a serious relationship with someone who won't pull their financial weight. "I really love her and don't want to lose her but I'm afraid of ending up in a relationship where bills aren't split equally and I don't want to be with someone who just sees me as a meal ticket."

Let's do the math. If this woman is staying at the man's house for three to four days a week, that's between $288 and $384 per month: up to 21 percent of the man's rent.

Twitter users were quick to side with the girlfriend, and insisted $24 a night didn't add up.

"What kind of utilities cost $48 a day? Are they burning whale oil in there?" said television writer Matt Nedostup. Others echoed the point.

What kind of utilities cost $48 a day? Are they burning whale oil in there?

— Matt Nedostup (@nedostup) April 23, 2020

This fool can afford an $1800/month apartment by himself but the utilities going up a small amount is breaking the bank? Throw him away.

— Taco Tuesday but Everyday 🌮 (@lyndseymarieee_) April 23, 2020

What seemed even more common, though, were reactions that claimed the man has no right to ask for money from his female significant other, as many assumed she does more in the relationship than he seems to imply.

I don't want to be with someone who sees me as a meal ticket.

I *do* want to be with someone I view as a tenant.

— Sir Bayou William III (@TheDuckMane) April 23, 2020

What is with all these men thinking marriage is an automatic 50/50 $ split? Like seriously? I hope she gives him a bill for ALL her services.

— 🧙🏻‍♀️🎄🔮🌳📖📚🌳 (@LoraxLibrarian) April 23, 2020

— East Coast Emo 🌌🦄🧜‍♀️💗💜💙 (@D_Nates) April 23, 2020

Imagine if women would start demanding money for all the emotional and physical labor they do for m*n.

— å©· | रानी (@TinkerJMBell) April 23, 2020

Oh look, I get to reuse my most popular comment on one of these ever.

Middle class dudes who think ladies are dating you for "the money" - You are the most pathetic thing ever, and nobody is trying to "marry up" into an 1800$ apartment. You are not Kanye West.

— Timothy Renzi (@TimothyRenzi) April 23, 2020

On Reddit, the man was officially declared as the a**hole by the community. The top comment laid out the general consensus clearly: "YTA. She's a guest," wrote u/emptypges. "If you feel it's becoming a semi-permanent situation that you would like to become a permanent situation, then suggest THAT. I can't even imagine how offended she was by her boyfriend asking her to pay a nightly fee to stay at his place."

You can read the whole post here.