Meet Kirby Jenner — Kendall Jenner's 'Secret Twin' and Edible Chapstick Inventor

Kirby Jenner is hungry. He's thinking about what he's going to eat for lunch today. Right now, his top choice is a turkey baguette. He hasn't thought much farther than lunch today, and when asked what he wants from his life in five or 10 years, Jenner returns to the sandwich. and he advises I do the same as we chat about his new reality series, a self-titled series on Quibi.

"What are you thinkin' for lunch?" Jenner asks. "Well, I recommend a baguette sandwich." We're chatting about his new Quibi show, a self-titled debut that introduces Jenner as one of the most famous families' biggest secrets.

Kirby Jenner and Kendall Jenner
"Twins" Kirby Jenner and Kendall Jenner appear in the series Kirby Jenner on Quibi. Kirby Jenner

Before the show, he was only known for his fashionable photos with "twin sister" Kendall Jenner. The model sister is Jenner's best friend, he tells Newsweek. And though America already knows Kendall, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian, they have yet to meet the Jenner, the rollerblading, idea-generating brother who has a lot to say himself.

Kirby Jenner, the series, is executive produced by "mom" Kris Jenner and "sister" Kendall. It's nearly identical to Keeping Up With The Kardashians in tone and editing, though Quibi's service allows for shorter episodes. It premiered on Sunday night, and you can watch episodes on the mobile streaming platform now.

Kendall has already spoken publicly about her brother. "I'm thrilled that Quibi viewers will get an inside look at the life of my twin brother and he'll finally have the opportunity to shine in this series," she said in a press release. But Jenner has yet to share his own voice and views of the world.

We caught up with Jenner to talk about his personal business ideas, the show and what he's been up to before formally launching his career.

Kirby Jenner
In his self-titled show on Quibi, Kirby Jenner will introduce fans to his own passions, like rollerskating. Kirby Jenner

NW: Fans already know you from social media, but what will they learn about you in Kirby Jenner?

Jenner: My Quibi show's got a little bit of everything. It is a reality show, I don't know if you've seen my family's show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. It's kind of like that. It's got a little bit of everything. It's got fashion and modeling. It's got pyrotechnics. My sisters are all in it. I got into a battle with a bird and I met a business clown. There are some family blood offerings, and I do some singing.

Is there a most memorable moment from your time on set?

I remember on the first day of shooting, I was a little nervous. I had butterflies in my tummy. My mom took me aside and gave me some really amazing advice. She took me by the hand, she looked in my eyes and she said: "Kirby, don't f*** this up." I know it sounds harsh, but it's harsh but true. I know my mom is such a sweet, endearing woman. It didn't come across mean spirited. I think it really was like motherly advice. She wants me to do a great job. Even though I think I ended up f***ing it up anyways.

Why Was Quibi the perfect platform for your show?

[My mom] approached me one day and said "Hey, there's this guy named Quibi and he wants to do a reality show named you." And I was like woah, there's a guy named Quibi? What a cool name. I had so many questions.

[But she said] No, the man's name is Jeffrey Katzenberg, and I googled Jeffrey Katzenberg really quick and was like" Oh My God, mom, this is the guy that made frickin Shrek!" You know Shrek? He did that movie. I was blown away because that's my favorite movie of all time.

My mom was like "Kirby, calm down. I already signed the deal. You're doing the show. You shoot in a month."

There's this rule in my family that if mom has a business idea, you should do it. This is a perfect example of that. Mom had an idea, and I went with it. And here we are. Now I get to talk to you.

Kirby Jenner
Kirby Jenner accompanies Kendall Jenner to the Met Gala. Kirby Jenner

Would you say that this is your first big business idea in the family?

I've had lots of business ideas in the past and they've all sort of...not worked out for me. I tried doing an edible chapstick line. It's like a chapstick that moisturizes your lips, but you can also snack on it. That didn't really work out. Then I tried to do a milk scented cologne. That didn't really work out. And I tried to do this fashion thing where it's sandals, but the socks are built into it.

I think those are all really good ideas.

I thought it was a good idea, to be honest.

Would you think of reviving any of those?

Yeah! I mean, I hope so. I have new business ideas all the time, so I don't really know what the future will hold. But I'm always thinking about new entrepreneurial endeavors.

What do you want people to know about Kirby that they don't already?

I think more people need to know that my name is actually spelled wrong on my birth certificate. My name is Kirby Brittany Jenner, but on my birth certificate, it's actually spelled "Kriby."