Meet Myla, The Adorable Dog That Falls Asleep In The Pool Every Day

A golden retriever named Myla is winning over the hearts of internet users who were lucky enough to witness one of her daily pool naps. The dog, apparently, falls asleep in the pool almost every day, and we hope someday we can achieve such levels of chill.

Myla is the dog of John Sabol, a Tampa-based TV Sports reporter who formerly appeared on ABC Action News. He originally uploaded the video of Myla to Twitter on Tuesday, where it's been liked nearly 40,000 times.

"Myla falls asleep in the pool with the tennis ball in her mouth almost everyday," the caption read. "She catches herself rocking to her right here, but the best is when her nose hits the water as she falls asleep.'"

Yes, in addition to dozing off in the water, Myla is constantly clutching her tennis ball. You can watch the video here:

Myla falls asleep in the pool with the tennis ball in her mouth almost everyday. She catches herself rocking to her right here, but the best is when her nose hits the water as she falls asleep.🤣 Dogs, bruh.@TheGoldenRatio4 @GoldretrieverUS @RexChapman @dog_rates @dog_feelings

— John Sabol (@John_Sabol) June 30, 2020

In it, Myla begins to fall asleep sitting up. Instead of completely face-planting the water, though, she simply wakes herself up when her body nods to the side. It appears Myla had an exhausting day of swimming and playing fetch that led to the immediate need for a nap.

Sabol told Newsweek that Myla has a pretty awesome life. Every day, she plays hide and seek to find her daily vitamin after breakfast. Her favorite human foods are peanut butter, carrots, watermelon, apples, and sweet potatoes, and she loves to socialize with people even more than dogs. Each day, she heads out to the pool with her human parents. Sure, she swims sometimes. But Myla will spend hours just lounging.

Myla the dog
Myla, a Florida golden retriever, loves to spend time in the water every day. John Sabol

"She will do a couple laps back-and-forth in the pool when we throw her tennis ball, but really her favorite is to just lounge and sit there on the pool step and relax," Sabol and his wife wrote to Newsweek via email. "Myla will sit on that step for up to a couple hours with the ball in her mouth, almost as if she's waiting to be served with a drink. We joke and say all she needs is her 'dog-a-rita' poolside. She really just enjoys the pool. She's not necessarily tired, just a very content, chill, relaxed pup."

It's obvious why Myla is becoming a sensation. Commenters on Reddit's r/aww thread, where the video was reposted, praised the pup for being adorable, sleepy and innovative with her nap-on-the-spot mentality. Lots of comments admired Myla's life and routine. "God. I just want one day of this dog's life," wrote u/-maenad-.

Others have similar experiences with their own pups. It seems to be a common trend that some dogs take quick naps in mildly dangerous places. "My big silly mastiff does this every damn day but on the stairs," wrote u/MetalandIron2pt0. "He loves to sleep on the stairs that overlook our kitchen, with his huge squishy face smooshed up against the wall, tennis ball in mouth."

Myla and John
Myla and owner John Sabol enjoy the pool, Myla's favorite place to relax with her tennis ball. John Sabol

The user's dog has more of a routine than just a nap. "Well sometimes he will enter such a deep sleep the tennis ball falls out and stampedes down the stairs, waking him up," they continued. "So he will sleepily go retrieve the ball and go back to the stairs...sometimes only for it to happen again. It's a lot more of a to-do when it's a big heavy bone in his mouth, however. Silly silly boy."

Others suggested pool upgrades that could make Myla's naps even more epic, like a pillow for her head on the side of the pool, or a floatie she could enjoy all day long. From the photo Sabol sent us, it seems she's got that one covered. One thing's certain: nearly every comment yearned for just a taste of the sweet life Myla has been enjoying this summer.

Sabol said he didn't expect Myla to go viral, but the timing can be appreciated by all. "We definitely did not expect the video to go viral as big as it did," he wrote. "I've tweeted videos and pictures of Myla over the years and never got this much attention from it. The reactions in the comments have been great. I think this video of Myla is the perfect medicine for what the world needs right now. In a time of such stress and unknowns, it's great that Myla can bring a smile to people's faces."