TikTok Garlic Recipes Cause Viral Stink With Chefs Using 60 Cloves in One Dish

Halloween is fast approaching but if you don't want any vampires knocking on your door, you may enjoy this recent TikTok cooking trend.

Many videos have been popping up on the social media site showing creators making recipes involving an inordinate amount of garlic—kind on the taste buds but not the breath, we suspect.

The hashtag #garlic has more than 1.2 billion views on TikTok and many of these videos show people going somewhat overboard with the vegetable.

One example of this is a clip by a female TikToker called Foodwithliz, whose recipe for garlic soup made with a staggering 60 cloves has gone viral online.

The footage, which was shared to the app on September 3, shows how she roasts the garlic with oil, salt and pepper.

The chef then squeezes out the mushy cooked cloves, and then blends them with onion, potato and milk.

This recipe, which can be watched here, has gained a staggering 12 million views and 1.7 million likes.

One person, Vexxy, wrote: "The breath has disastrous potential."


Reply to @teekeatz 60 whole cloves of garlic for this creamy garlic soup 🧄 #garlicbread #foodtok #goodsoup #veganrecipes #soup #fyp

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Another TikTok user, Kayla Wright, joked: "I feel like this would cure covid."

Maenad added: "This looks amazing but the garlic squeezing made me want to crawl out of my skin."

Hey mamas commented: "Anti vampire soup."

For those garlic fans that would also like a little bread to go with their soup, an account called Cheeseordesserts shared a recipe for cheesy garlic bread on August 19.

In the clip, which can be watched here, the man can be seen squeezing clove upon clove of roasted garlic out into a bowl, then adding it onto bread with cheese on top to go in the oven.

The video is captioned: "We hoped on the new garlic bread trend... #garlic #bread #trend #cheeseordesserts #easyrecipe." It has been watched 1.9 million times and attracted 126,400 likes.

Food writer and chef Jake Cohen has also racked up 23.7 million views with his garlic bread recipe, which can be watched here.

This, again, involves more cloves than the average person would dare swallow.

He has captioned his video: "Squeezing roasted garlic is my k!nk. #garlicbread"

But is eating that much garlic a healthy thing to do? Well, according to Healthline, garlic is a healthy addition due to the fact it is highly nutritious.

However, the site adds that eating too much of it "may cause side effects like bad breath, acid reflux, digestive issues, and an increased risk of bleeding."

Healthline also explains that while there are no official guidelines on garlic intake, they advise sticking "to a few cloves per day and decrease your intake if you notice any side effects."

Garlic cloves
A stock image of garlic cloves. On TikTok, many chefs have be creating garlic-heavy recipes. iStock