'Mega' Great White Shark Filmed Shaking Diving Cage in Terrifying Close-Up Video

A video has emerged showing the thrilling moment a huge great white shark bit and shook a cage filled with divers.

The footage was shared by diver Nancy Lasuzzo off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico on October 12. It shows what the San Diego-based shark diving firm Island Charters described as a "great white mega shark" swimming past the cage, before biting the metal structure a few times.

The hulking creature then grabs on to the pen with its mouth, and shakes its body back and forth, as if trying to break in to reach the people inside.

Islander Charters: Great White Shark "Bullet", Mega Female

OH MY GOSH...WAIT FOR IT! Our divers had the thrill of a lifetime! Meet 'Bullet', a female Great White Mega Shark. She'll rock your world - literally! Taken aboard the Islander at Guadalupe Island by guest Nancy Lasuzzo on 10/12/19. Best with sound on. Unbelievable, love BOTH of their big smiles!Bullet is playing with the float on topside of the cage and was not harmed except for a chipped tooth. Not to worry, she's got hundreds to spare!#islander #islaguadalupe #greatwhitesharks #bullet #wow #cagediving #islandercharters

Posted by Islander Charters, Inc. on Tuesday, October 15, 2019

The camera then pans to the inside of the enclosure, where an excited fellow visitor shakes her fist and does the peace sign.

"OH MY GOSH...WAIT FOR IT!" the post on the Island Charters, Inc. Facebook page read.

"Our divers had the thrill of a lifetime! Meet 'Bullet', a female Great White Mega Shark. She'll rock your world—literally!

"Unbelievable, love BOTH of their big smiles!" the message read, in a joking reference to the woman and the shark.

The charter firm, which was founded in 2003, explained the shark was in fact playing with the float on the top of the cage. She chipped her tooth, but wasn't harmed.

"Not to worry, she's got hundreds to spare!" it said.

John Conniff of Islander Charters Inc. told CBS8 earlier this month that Bullet was the biggest great white shark he had seen in a few years.

"It is daunting thing no matter what, if you see a 17-foot white shark two feet away from you," he said.

In a Facebook business review of Island Charters Inc., Lasuzzo said she had a "once in a lifetime" experience. She claimed the shark was 17ft-long, which is relatively large for the species, which grows between 15 to 20ft on average.

"I will never forget the feeling of being in the cage with three other ladies when beautiful Bullet, the 17ft female Great White Mega Shark, came to visit our cage," Lasuzzo wrote.

"She immediately got our attention, as her size was so much greater than the sharks we had seen the last day and a half. When she started to 'play' with the float on the cage, there was surprisingly no fear from any of us. We were in awe and amazed at the power she had."

In that moment, Lasuzzo said she "felt a peaceful calm like I've never felt before. This was followed by a major adrenaline rush, joyful cheering, dancing, high-fives, and more!"

The diver joked should couldn't share a video of her emerging from the water 10 minutes later, because she "lost all ability to use my words, and my vocabulary was limited to a 5-year old sailor."

"Luckily, the video inside the cage will be something I can look back at years from now and enjoy," wrote Lasuzzo, who thanked the business for "making my dream come true."

In a post on her personal Facebook page, Lasuzzo credited the video to a user named Brie Kotek.

The volcanic island of Guadalupe in the Pacific ocean, to the west of the Baja California peninsula, is a popular spot for shark diving, similar to parts of South Africa and Australia.

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A stock image shows cage divers encountering a great white shark off the coast of Guadalupe in Mexico. Getty