'Mega Man 11' Release Date Confirmed, Double Gear System Explained

Capcom revealed new information about Mega Man 11, the latest installment of the storied franchise, including its release date and plot info. Fans of Mega Man will be able to pick up Mega Man 11 for PS4, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch on Oct. 2.

The plot of Mega Man 11 brings back the series' main antagonist, Dr. Wily, as he tries to take over the world by using an idea he and Dr. Light came up with when they were classmates at Robot University. To combat his former colleague, Dr. Light upgrades Mega Man with the Double Gear system.

These are three gears Mega Man can use alongside the powers he absorbs from the new Robot Masters. The Speed Gear lets Mega Man slow time down, which can be used to navigate tricky platforms and avoiding fast-moving enemies or obstacles.

The Power Gear lets players charge the Mega Buster to a new level, giving the Blue Bomber even more firepower. The Double Gear activates at critical health, allowing Mega Man to gain access to a hidden ability to activate the Power and Speed gears simultaneously.

Mega Man absorbing Fuse Man's powers in 'Mega Man 11' Capcom

You can check out the latest Mega Man 11 trailer with new gameplay and an explanation of the plot and gear system above.

As for the Robot Masters, Capcom confirmed the block-looking robot from the initial Mega Man 11 announcement is called Block Man, who is described as egotistical. There's also Fuse Man; an electrifying speed demon. There are eight Robot Masters Mega Man will have to defeat in the new game.

MegaMan11_screens_04 robot masters bosses
Mega Man will have to defeat Block Man and Fuse Man in 'Mega Man 11' Capcom

So what do you think of the new information for Mega Man 11? Do you like the new gear system? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.