'Mega Man Legacy Collection' Switch Review: Solid Emulation on the Go

9/10 (Switch)

It was only a matter of time before Capcom and Nintendo brought Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 and 2 to the Switch. These games have already made their way to other consoles, including the Nintendo 3DS. The Switch version isn't an HD remake or a reimagining of the classic Mega Man games. The Legacy Collections simply bring the platforming goodness of the franchise to the hybrid console, while also adding new features to give players even more hours of enjoyment.


Mega Man Legacy Collections keeps the look and feel of the classic games while updating them to fit modern HD television sets and the Switch's display. The option to change viewing modes allows you to enjoy the game in its original 4:3 aspect ratio, full screen or widescreen. However, the widescreen option stretches the game out too much and is not very appealing, especially when playing on the Switch's handheld mode. I definitely recommend keeping the original screen ratio to give it that arcade feel. The filter options for Legacy Collections are also awesome, especially if you're trying to maximize that arcade feel. Set the game filter to "monitor" and it'll feel like you're playing on an arcade box.

The museum and music collections are a wonderful look at the history of Mega Man . If you're a fan of the Blue Bomber, you'll find a lot of information about t the storied history of the franchise to enjoy here.


Legacy Collections includes 10 Mega Man games in total, each one a masterclass in how platformers should be constructed, with pinpoint controls and masterful level designs. Every platform and enemy placement is thoughtfully considered and each stage puts your mastery of Mega Man's controls (as simple as they are) to the test.

mega man legacy collection mega 3
The look and feel of classic 'Mega Man' games can be found in the 'Legacy Collection' Capcom

No level is the same, and their motifs match the Robot Master who rules that domain. You can choose the order in which you tackle stages, and each Robot Master gives Mega Man a new power upon being defeated, opening up new strategies for subsequent levels. There's lots of fun to be had with trial and error, figuring out which boss to face first and which powers will defeat the next Robot Master faster. Sometimes it's as easy as Bubble Man's power (water) defeating Heat Man (fire) but some get more obscure, especially in the later Mega Man games.


Both Mega Man Legacy Collections offer more than just simple emulations of the classic games. The first offers up a rewind feature that, as the name suggests, offers players a chance to rewind time if you fall off a cliff (or get one-shotted by the lasers in Quick Man's stage). It's not a perfect feature, as I'd often rewind further back than I'd intended to, and I'd like to get a couple of seconds after stopping the rewind to prepare myself, but these games are supposed to be difficult.

In Legacy Collection 2, there's an armor setting that allows Mega Man to take more hits. Both features are great for players looking for a more casual experience and newcomers who have never played a Mega Man game before.

Legacy Collection 1 and 2 also offer up timed Challenges, which are remixed Mega Man levels that provide a more substantial challenge. Players traverse through various parts of different levels, all while trying to beat a predetermined score. Mega Man levels are difficult, often rewarding a slow, methodical pace, but the Challenges are the complete opposite. Believe me, you'll need all of your skills to complete them.

MMLC1_NS_screen08_Challenge mega man
The Challenges in 'Mega Man Legacy Collection' are tough Capcom

It's also super convenient to be able to save your progress at any point, without the need for password screens. In Legacy Collection 2, there are even automatic checkpoints.


The Mega Man games offer some of the best platforming in video game history and are a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch. Serving up both a casual and hardcore experience with all 10 games, Legacy Collections maintains the feel and look of the originals while adding some neat new features.

If you're a Mega Man fan or just looking for some classic platforming for your Switch, look no further than the Legacy Collections.